1. Helpx

Although farms and orchards abound, on this website you can find a wide variety of options for your volunteering : hostels and shelters that need a receptionist, families that need help with childcare, language centers that need support to teach… , even ships that offer accommodation and food in exchange for a few hours of work a day! Among all these options, there are many calls for volunteers in social centers for children with few resources, wildlife conservation centers, orphanages, rural schools…, etc.

You have open access to all volunteer opportunities around the world. To contact the host, you must register on the platform (€20). From there, to travel!

  1. WWOOF

Standing for World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farms, it offers volunteer opportunities on organic farms around the world . The work is mainly related to the care of orchards, farm animals or organic farms, and you can collaborate for as long as you want.

On the web you can find different types of farms in almost any country in the world. The first step is to select the country you want to travel to and sign up on the WWOOF website of your destination country (registration prices vary from place to place, but in general, prices range between €20 and €60 ). Before you sign up, you can see the volunteer opportunities that are available, but to contact the farms you will need to be a member of the community and become a wwoofer .

This option is ideal for you if you are interested in living as a “farmer” during your trip.

  1. Work Away

This platform was created with the aim of promoting cultural exchange, work and volunteering among travelers .

It is very similar to Helpx, since you can access a lot of types of jobs in very diverse fields in more than 155 countries: NGOs , families, animal welfare, schools, agriculture, community work… You will see that the range of options is huge and that the volume of hosts (almost 35,000 active) is more than interesting.

In short: it has everything, and everywhere 😉

You will be able to consult all the available options, but you will not be able to contact the hosts until you register (€30 per year if you are one person and €38 per year if you are two).

  1. SugarDaddySeek

Have you gotten to know your sugar daddy and are you prepared to go on his first business trip with him? After all, sugar daddies are successful, wealthy, older men who frequently travel and are likely to be on sugar baby’s first date. You’re in luck because your sugar daddy invites you along on a business trip and pays for all of your expenses, including travel, lodging, meals, and even shopping. Doesn’t it sound wonderful?

Naturally, you’ll say “yes,” but there are a few things to consider to make sure everything goes as planned. After all, you want to enjoy additional privileges and travel with your sugar daddy. Now that you’ve found your sugar daddy on sugardaddyseek.com, you probably can’t wait to travel with him. 

  1. Worldpackers 

Volunteering and international exchange website. Under the motto of ” Transforming trips within reach of your pocket “, this platform offers the opportunity to travel, exchanging your skills for accommodation and food.

Depending on your interests, you can choose what type of trip to do and what activity to get involved in: social impact ( solidarity and development projects by volunteering with NGOs, schools and social projects), work exchange (basically work in hostels and hotels) , or in ecological projects (work on farms, permaculture institutes and ecovillas).

You can check all the options (their availability, what they need from the volunteer, what they offer…), but you must register to continue with the process.

  1. Couchsurfing

This well-known platform is a free hosting network anywhere in the world, there is no exchange of any kind .

Although it is true that the social or volunteer component is non-existent, it is a very good option to travel for free or at a very low cost and to meet a lot of people from all over the world.

In general, it is for short stays (you will sleep on the sofa or in a room in your host’s house). This system also works as a kind of social network to meet people and places and to do cultural and social activities. You can register for free.

  1. Help Stay

In the same line as most of the platforms, here you can find exchanges of different types in more than 100 countries around the world . The exchanges are organized by categories: environmental and with animals; hostels and hostels; construction and restoration of projects and infrastructures; agriculture and farms; community projects ; and education and languages.

The process is very simple: you must choose where and when you want to travel and all the available options will appear. By clicking on each of them, you will be able to see their characteristics.

Some of the options have a low cost for the volunteer, especially when it comes to NGOs and social projects, but you can apply a filter to regulate this and check only the free offers (or the price range you are willing to pay). From there you must become a “helper” and register.

  1. Go Change

This website has a peculiarity in the accommodation exchange that makes it different from the rest of the platforms: to obtain free accommodation (and some meals), the currency of exchange is languages ​​(not work).

But this is not the only interesting difference. In this case, registration on the platform is completely free, which makes Go Cambio an excellent option if you want to travel for free or at a very low cost while helping your host improve their language skills.

You can choose one of two formulas: travel the world teaching languages ​​in exchange for accommodation, or become a guest and offer accommodation in exchange for language classes.

  1. Staydu

Staydu is a social network for low-budget travelers that offers different exchange options : accommodation in exchange for money, accommodation in exchange for work and help, and even free accommodation.

Although it is not an exclusive network to find international volunteers, if you do a good search you will find some accommodation exchange options in exchange for help in the social field .

The website is free and the process of registering and consulting the available offers is free of charge.

  1. Moving Worlds

The concept is the same as in the rest of the websites, but specifically focused on work in the social field: receiving free accommodation (and sometimes meals) in exchange for developing your professional skills in social organizations .

The duration of the collaboration is variable and depends on the needs of the organization with which you collaborate. Although it is not yet present in many places, professional volunteering offers are very interesting. The most negative point is that in order to consult the available options and start a professional collaboration, you must register and pay $500. It is the cheapest option and will give you access to the platform for 2 years.

The objective of this platform is to connect people who want to change the world with organizations that are doing so . I love this approach – if it weren’t for the price.