10 Smashing First Birthday Cake Ideas

Birthday Cake

A birthday is the best day of the year! We celebrate the celebrations with our near and dear ones, with a lip-smacking and enticing cake for the birthday girl/boy! Birthday cakes sound like the bells and whistles of special celebrations. Set the benchmark for your baby’s womb escape celebrations with a smashing birthday cake for kids. We share ten smashing first birthday cake ideas everyone will love. Take a look.

1. Fruit cakes

As agents of growth and development, fruits promote a healthy lifestyle! Express love and best wishes to your little one with a smashing fruit cake. There are endless possibilities to incorporate fruits into cakes, like apples, berries, grapes, mango, and bananas. So, encourage your little one to love fruits with an enticing birthday fruit cake. You can play around with different fruits and decorations to create the ultimate cake surprise.

2. Vegan cakes

Looking for a cake that can accommodate your vegan loved ones? Vegan cakes are the right pick! You can incorporate a variety of cake flavours and birthday cake designs to make the moment blissful. Check out vegan cake ideas from online cake bakeries to help you find the perfect pick for your baby’s womb-escape celebrations.

3. Photo roll cake

A photo is a visual reference to a particular time in the past. Your kids will never forget how much they mean to you with photo memories. Since it’s your baby’s first womb escape celebration, why not make lasting impressions with a smashing photo roll cake? There are many photo decoration ideas that you can incorporate, like frosting, fruits, and chocolates.

4. Jungle themed cake

There is a saying that kids learn to stop playing with fire when they have experienced the pain of a burn. But, the best way to learn between good and bad is from the wise words of the elders. There is no denying that we know many things in life during childhood. So, why not surprise your baby with an educational jungle themed cake.

5. Pinata cakes

Everyone loves presents to the extent of expecting such gestures on special occasions. Grace your baby’s birthday with a Pinata cake (a surprise with more surprises). So, make your baby’s womb escape day cherishable by presenting your surprise when everyone is gathered for the cake smashing and feeding moment.

6. Half cakes

If you plan to throw a small birthday party for your baby, you need a cake just enough for the celebrations. Half cakes are the most convenient option for small parties and gatherings. You get a full-size cake slice and loads of room to decorate with gifts! You can also surprise your twins by merging two half cakes. Check out trending decorations for half cakes on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

7. Rainbow unicorn cake

Besides the eye-catching appearance of bright colours, they also significantly impact emotions. Since kids are learning about the world around them and their eyesight is developing, they like vibrant colours. And rainbow cakes are just the right pick to make them ecstatic at their womb escape celebrations. Take the cake surprise to the next level by sprucing up the rainbow cake with fairy unicorn decorations.

8. #1 cake

Number cakes, counting your blessings, and the good times is just a matter of arranging birthday cake photos from the first womb escape celebrations. And when it comes to number cakes, there are endless possibilities to steal the show! You can assemble assorted cupcake flavours and designs to create the number 1 sign. You can also incorporate various cake decorations like fruits, chocolate, and frosting (like rainbow colours and swirls).

9. Designer cakes

Are you running out of creative ways to make your baby’s birthday cake a gem? Then designer cakes are another ideal option to turn things up! There is something for every little one, from cartoon cakes like a minion, Princess, Chotta Bheem, car, superhero/heroine, to makeup themed cakes. Remember to choose your baby’s favourite characters and flavours.

10. Alphabet cake

From the one-year mark, most kids begin to speak their first word. Spruce up your baby’s learning curve on her/his womb escape day with a lip-smacking and enticing alphabet cake. You can incorporate other cake decorating ideas like fruits, fondant, designer, and rainbow themes.

There you have the ten smashing first birthday cake ideas! Not into baking? Then check out online cake shops in Gurgaon.