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14 Free Web Design Tools You Can Use In 2022

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A web project can be enhanced using free resources from the design community.

The new tools and design components for spring 2022 are listed below. A few other items on this list are site generators, API resources, color schemes, checkout optimizers, loading icons, and free fonts. Every tool is free or has a free plan and when you couple them up with Search Engine Optimization, your website will definitely produce results. 

Free Tools for Design Suggested By The Best SEO Companies in Dubai

The toolkit enables teams to collaborate asynchronously and operate remotely without interruption. Manage and create tasks, share documents and take notes and communicate in audio, collaborate on records asynchronously, and share files. 


Scribe, which is a program for making step-by-step instructions and product demos, now has access to Pages. Now that Scribe recordings may be combined on a process page using Pages, you can also include text, descriptions, hyperlinks, Loom and YouTube videos, and more.

API Tracker is a search engine for discovering the top SaaS programs and APIs for creating native integrations. Keep track of API specifications and documentation, developer experiences, SDKs, developer documentation, IDE support, platform robustness, authentication, and API styles. Up to 2,000 API requests per month are free. 


A brand-new and simple static site generator you could try is Eleventy. It enables you to combine and contrast several templating engines, converting a directory of templates into HTML, to quickly move the existing content. Layout files and content templates may both employ various templating engines. HTML, Markdown, JavaScript, Liquid, Nunjucks, Handlebars, Mustache, EJS, Haml, and Pug are all supported by Eleventy.

Reasonable Colors 

Another system for creating open-source, attractive color schemes is Reasonable Colors. The 24 sets of named colors are evenly spaced apart and have hues that are 15 degrees apart on the LCH color wheel. Finding complementary pairs and creating eye-catching color schemes is made easier by the regular spacing.


Sellkit is a WooCommerce checkout optimizer that employs dynamic discounts, clever coupons, and checkout alerts to enhance sales, order value, and engagement.

To add to your next project, check out the free animated loaders in the Loaders collection (visible on a webpage as it loads). These loaders are amusing, artistic, and pleasant since they were created with HTML, CSS, and SVG.


The JavaScript text-editor framework Lexical is scalable in terms of both functionality and size. With the built-in browser tooling, it would be quite difficult to design complex text editing experiences, but Lexical makes it simple.


A React package called Scrollex makes it easy to create stunning scrolling experiences with no code. Keyframe helpers are provided by Scrollex to define the components of each scroll position.


To check that forms are functioning, use Formspector. Create automated tests without writing a single line of code for any form. Review your forms for a signup, support, contact, newsletters, and other usage. Up to three forms are free.


A useful QR code maker for occasions and appointments is QlndR.io. Smartphones add the event to a calendar on their own and notify the user if there are any conflicts at that time.


For Studio, a web design platform, sections are new building blocks and complete-site templates. Sections templates retain a clean appearance by adhering to best practices for the user experience. Choose and combine numerous components to build a unique website. Sections are free for up to 1,000 CMS articles and 10,000 views per month and offer 18 pre-made templates for no further cost.


This is an open-source, independently hosted, collaborative API development environment, in full it becomes (Yet Another API Development Environment). In order to allow users to securely store sensitive information in API requests on their own servers, Yaade was created with security in mind.


For direct messaging orders, Plexi, a free tool, makes shipping and payment procedures simpler. Create your checkout page quickly with a mobile device. Create reduced shipping labels and enable shipping. Automatically receive payments and order updates.

Free Fonts

A serif typeface called Lastik was inspired by textbooks from the late 1990s and early 2000s. Lasik has a personality and a hint of nostalgia while being adaptable and inconspicuous.


Used by numerous SEO Agencies in Dubai. Habanero is a vibrant display font that may improve any work. The cartoonish design is bold and clean. good at grabbing people’s attention.


This is a neat and classic Neo-Grotesque sans-serif typeface family. Vistol is available in 18 weights, nine upright styles, and italics. Get Vistol Black for nothing, or start with $12 to get the entire family.

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