4 important vitamins for skin health

There are many vitamins in the world, but 4 will come in handy for the health of your skin. Because dermatology should be a primary issue in our lives.

We understand precisely that, dermatology, as the branch of medicine that studies and treats the cutaneous organ, distributed throughout our entire body.

The skin is an unequivocal way of measuring the thermometer of health of our lives. That is why our skin health must be treated just as it deserves.

There are multiple foods from which we can benefit to obtain these vitamins and promote the health of our skin .

All the properties count for a skin that, according to each person, is more or less sensitive, and this undoubtedly responds to different conditions.

The effect of vitamins on our skin is indisputable, and cosmetic ingredients help, but there are home remedies as simple as foods that help us much more. Also some benefits of collagen for men.

Two fundamental vitamins

There are four that we highlight for their great capacity when it comes to repairing the skin when it is damaged and making it shine in nutritive terms.

So if you are taking any type of food that contains any of these vitamins that we show you below, do not stop doing it.

    • Vitamin A: Its essential role because it protects against solar radiation, and logically the impact of the sun on our skin occurs in multitudes of istios.

The Bombay College of Pharmacy in India highlights this vitamin, which is not capable of being produced by the human body on its own.

    • You will find vitamin A in mangoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, tomatoes or pumpkin, among other foods that are very easy to find.
    • Then there is vitamin B3, which is also known as niacin. Many cosmetics rub their hands because it is responsible for reducing acne or various inflammatory problems.

Vitamin B3 is what gives our skin its shine, so keep an eye on it to prevent short-term aging. You will also find it in foods such as chicken breasts, corn tortillas, tuna, peanuts or salmon.

Vitamin C and vitamin E

In another order of things, vitamin C appears as another of the main ones that we must take into account in our day to day.

It helps us to synthesize the collagen of the skin, and gives us elasticity in the tissues. It also allows rapid reconstruction from damage. We include citrus fruits, payaya, guavas or yellow pepper.

The vitamin E also helps against aging and serves as an antioxidant for our skin.

Pepper, in its proper measure, helps us to take vitamin E, and also to add olive oil to our dishes. Nuts and olives fit.