4 Signs that You Need Dead Animal Removal Service 

Unwanted pests and animals at home are already very annoying. They cause damage to property and also spread various kinds of diseases. But, the dead bodies of animals like rodents, cockroaches, and birds are even more problematic. The dead animals should not stay for a long time in a house or office as there are many negative impacts. You must ask the dead animal removal experts to dispose of the animal body. If you can’t figure out whether the animal has died on your property or not, you can look for the following signs:

  1. Bad Odour

The biggest sign that an animal has died in your house is the bad odour that is often released from a fresh dead body. The odour might fade away when the dead body remains in the decomposition phase for a long time. 

The pests such as birds, rodents, possums and bees release horrible odours upon rotting. The decomposition process is carried out by bacteria and some other microbes. Various toxic gases are released when the body breaks down into particles. If you can notice odours coming out from the cupboard, drawer, car, garden or bathroom, immediately contact professionals. 

The experts have the right tools that help them in removing the corpses from almost every corner of the house. No matter how bad the condition of the animal’s dead body is, the experts can remove them carefully from your house or office. 

  1. Infections 

Is your child suffering from a stomach infection? The reason can be a dead rat lying under your sofa. Sometimes, the kids touch the dead bodies of the pests by mistake. Dirty hands lead to stomach infections. Sometimes, the pests die inside the food containers. Unknowingly, people could consume contaminated food. The germs from the dead body might lead to problems such as food poisoning. This problem often occurs in warehouses and hotel pantries where groceries and food products are stored in large quantities.

If you suddenly notice that everyone in your house is falling sick, you must ask the pest control experts to conduct an inspection of your residence. They would surely see whether the infections are due to dead animals or not. If the infections are spreading because of dead animals, you can book the pest control service

  1. Tiny Pests 

Many tiny pests such as flies, moths, wasps, mites and beetles get attracted to the dead bodies of animals. These pests along with the microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses can bring several diseases into the house. Some diseases that commonly spread due to longer exposure to animal corpses are Campylobacter, Salmonellosis and Clostridium perfringes. The pests that feed on dead animals not only pose threat to the wellbeing of humans but also cause damage to the property. 

To prevent the outbreak of pest infestation, you need to eliminate the unhygienic environment. The experts can use the pesticides after removing the dead animals and sanitise the place to create hygienic conditions. 

  1. Stains on Walls and Floors

Do you find some corners of your floor and walls stained? Well, these stains indicate that an animal has died in that place. When an animal dies over the ceiling or under the floor, the fluid secreted from its body seeps down the surface. This is the reason why you see some stains on the floor or walls. Only professionals can remove the trapped bodies easily. 


Many complications may arise due to the existence of animal dead bodies at home. It is not easy to remove, locate or dispose of the bodies properly. The pest control team from a reliable company can do these tasks properly. The warning signs mentioned in the above list can help you in reaching out to the experts at the perfect time.