4 Video Games Your Kids Can Play Online

Online video games have witnessed some major changes over the years. They are not only part of grownups’ online activities but now kids have also started showing interest in this amazing side of the internet. Especially since COVID-19, when kids were stuck indoors and had nothing else to do during the summer break, these video games came in handy and saved the parents from running around and keeping an eye on their kids.

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For the past couple of years, we have been getting a perfect dose of some of the best online video games that are crafted for kids. And if you are looking for some of those, then here is the list.

1.      Pokémon Sun and Moon

One of the things that you, as a parent, look for in an online video game is that it should be appropriate for kids and Pokemon Sun and Moon is the kind of game that you can let your kids play without having to worry about anything. In fact, all the offline content in this game is extremely family-friendly.

This game is for sure one of the most anticipated ones in the Pokemon series. It supports a single-player offline gaming experience along with online multiplayer, which is great if your kid wants to play with their friends.

But don’t worry, even if they play with strangers, the communication is quite limited and largely restricted to the basic information regarding the games which consists of in-game ID card and their nicknames, in addition to the Pokemon they have caught. Other than this, your kid can also send emoji and the very generic phrases that are included in the list of safe words that have already been approved by the game designers

2.      Just Dance

Again, Just Dance is the kind of game that makes it easy for you to leave your kid on their own while you can get back to your chores or run some errands because it is incredibly kid-friendly. Also, if you fear that your kid might get way too involved in the world of online gaming and would not get a chance to do some physical activity, then Just Dance is the game you should have them play.

The game is super fun for the gaming sessions of local multiplayer. But this is not it, Just Dance is also great for casual online multiplayer.

Essentially, in this game all the gamers around the world dance to the same song, at the same time. Don’t worry, there is communication with other players either visually or verbally but yeah, you can take a look at the scores updates of the other players, or dancers, if you will, in real-time. And if you ask us, this encourages competition amongst them, making the game even more enjoyable.

3.      Star Wars Battlefront II

Are you a Star Wars fan and want your kid to be as well?or is your kid already into this whole exciting world? Well, whatever it might be, this game is definitely going to be right up their alley. The most interesting thing is, that the whole atmosphere including the location and the characters look exactly like they do in the movies. Also, your kids can communicate using hilarious emotes when you disable the voice chat.

When it comes to graphics, can we just take a moment and admire it because it is super stunning and so dope that your kid will be loving it throughout while playing the game. An action-shooter video game, Star Wars Battlefront II offers you impressive sound design, which by the way, will make your kid feel as if they are right in the middle of the Star Wars battle.

4.      Splatoon

Splatoon is a pure joy to play. The graphics are super appealing because of them being colorful and the characters are all so aesthetically pleasing to look at. Although the game is a third-person shooter, it is created in accordance with the kids, and this makes it appropriate for your kids.

Your child could compete in online matches with up to eight people and all they have to do is spray paint on the walls, floors as well as your opponents (fun, right), while also covering as much field as they can in the color of their team.

Truth be told, we wouldn’t mind playing this game as grownups.

Final Words

Well, there you have it. The abovementioned games are perfect for your kid to play at home while you can concentrate on your work and run errands because all of them are appropriate for your kid and hey, they are super fun to play.