5 Centerpiece Ideas That Are Instagram-Worthy

Centerpieces are a unique way of creating a beautiful scene on a wedding center table or a dining table in the home.

They have been the interior designer’s convenient tool in making sure that the VIP tables and every other table on occasion are beautified. 

This is why many interior designers and event managers constantly look for Instagram-worthy centerpiece ideas to remain relevant in the industry.

Unfortunately, there are not so many articles out there that tend to give out unique centerpieces ideas that are original.

But there is Good News!!

This content discusses five unique centerpiece ideas that could be helpful to event planners, vendors, and event managers. 

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We are going to discuss these ideas under two categories;

  • Wedding Centerpieces 
  • Centerpieces for Home 

You may want to spend a few moments of your time going through these ideas about Centerpieces’ for weddings and homes that are Instagram-worthy. 

5 Centerpieces’ Ideas for Weddings 

It is not enough to cover the table with decoration material. You must also ensure that it looks simple and beautified with the right centerpiece; it may even be a gold centerpiece stand for a wedding.

These 5 Centerpieces’ ideas discussed below are unique and would make a very good beautification of your guest’s table at your wedding ceremony;

  • Consider Wooden Lanterns;

Wooden Lanterns are a centerpiece idea that so many interior designers and wedding planners have not given much attention to.

The effect of a wooden lantern on your VIP table and maybe a little bit of natural object around it cannot be overemphasized.

It creates a historical feeling and also gives the table a matured beautification.

When planning what type of centerpiece to use on a table at your wedding ceremony, you may want to try out the wooden lantern centerpiece idea.

  • Tall Florals Would Make Sense;

Tall Florals is another wonderful centerpiece idea for your wedding ceremony. 

One of the things that I love this idea for is that it allows some space on the table.

Not just that,

It creates a beautiful view that makes the guests sitting at the table feel relaxed.

They can even lean on the table without worrying about bringing the centerpiece down.

  • Minimal And Simple 

A simple and minimal centerpiece is worth trying because it is another beautiful idea for a wedding ceremony.

The idea is to make the table look very simple with a small centerpiece which, irrespective, brings out the beauty of the space.

One of the reasons I love this idea is that it is not such a sophisticated centerpiece but creates a beautiful and simple look on the table.

  • Go Natural 

Nature is life. Going natural in your centerpiece idea brings out a sort of liveliness and freshness on the table space and makes the guests sitting at the table relaxed.

One thing that decorators and interior designers must understand is that the decoration of a space has a psychological effect on the guests and a naturally affected centerpiece is not an exemption.

  • Tropical And Lighted 

Everyone conversant with tropical plants would tell you that they are one of those plants that creates a soft feeling even though they came from a  hot environment.

So if you wish to create a tropical feeling in your wedding ceremony, this is a beautiful centerpiece idea. 

However, you must ensure that you support the tropical kind of centerpiece with enough light to bring out its glamorousness.

Having discussed five centerpiece ideas for your wedding ceremony, let’s do justice to five centerpiece ideas for the home.

If you love to have centerpieces’ on your dining table or a center table in your home, then you may want to go through these ideas.

Five Centerpiece Ideas For The Home 

The following ideas are cool for home centerpieces, either on the dining table or the center table; you may want to try them out.

  • Favorite Plants in Cloches 

Putting your favorite plants in cloches creates a beautiful sight on your dining or center table.

Not just that, it makes the table look inviting and appealing, and you can use it as a reception strategy to honor a guest in your house, especially if you know the guest’s favorite plant.

  • Wild Flower in Vases 

Putting wildflowers in vases is another beautiful centerpiece decoration idea. It gives an alluring view of the wildflowers from an illuminating vase and creates a unique environment around the table space.

  • Go for Trinkets or Statue 

Using trinkets or statues as a centerpiece on your home table creates a historical feeling and attitude. 

It is also a good option in a home with children as it is an entertaining factor for them.

However, you make sure these trinkets and statues are not breakable, or if they are, you may need to always put an eye on them to avoid the children playing with them and getting them broken.

  • Match Two Vases in A Tray 

Matching two vases in a tray is another beautiful centerpiece idea for the home. 

It gives a metaphoric notion of ‘Food served with joy’ to your guest, especially when it is placed on a dining table.

  • Single Flower in A Slim Vase 

A single flower in a slim vase creates a simple and minimal but beautiful look on the table and makes your dining table inviting to your guests.

However, you must ensure that the slim vase is balanced and would not easily fall because of its small nature. 

You can create a little balance for it using small decorative materials, or you get a vase with a flat bottom. For more beautiful flower vases, please click here.

By And Large 

Centerpieces’ are a very creative and beautiful way of decorating and beautifying home tables or tables at your wedding ceremony. 

We want to believe that the ideas discussed above have given you a hint on what to do at your table at your wedding or the home.

Feel free to drop a comment and let us know your favorite centerpiece among these discussed, as we would love feedback from you.