5 Easy Tips to Save Money on Your Next Vacation

Planning a vacation can be overwhelming as it is without worrying about the huge costs, including the flights, accommodations, dining, tours, etc.

However, there are plenty of ways you can save money if you know where to look. Being flexible with your travel dates and booking off-peak are just a few ways by which you can save hundreds.

Here are some easy ways you can save big next time when booking a trip.

Stay Away from the City Center

Hotels that are situated in the city, closer to big tourist attractions often cost significantly more than hotels outside the center of the city. You can save quite a lot of money by staying somewhere further away and using public transport to get to the city center.

Traveling through public transit also gives you a unique view of the city and adds to the fun. You might be able to get a cheaper yet quieter and bigger place to stay outside the city center.

Fly On a Budget Airline

There are tons of budget airline companies that provide a one-way flight experience for as low as $50. The only problem is that they don’t provide in-flight drinks and snacks or any complimentary extras at all.

You might have to pay for carry-on luggage, seat assignment, and other small charges. But if you prepare most of your stuff beforehand, you can get a highly affordable flight ticket from these kinds of carriers.

Travel Off-Season

Flight tickets, hotel costs, and most other travel expenses get at an all-time high during the peak travel season. Choosing to travel off-season or off-peak is one of the smartest ways to have a cheap vacation.

Not only do most of the costs and prices decrease, but there are also fewer crowds of people, meaning easy access to attractions, museums, amusement parks, etc. Without worrying about long lines. Peak travel season varies from country to country so it’s good to do research beforehand.

No Foreign Transaction Fee

Once you go abroad, your credit card might charge a foreign transaction fee on all the purchases you make using it. The fee is usually around 3% which is quite a lot if you make big purchases.

So instead of throwing away money for no reason, make sure you have a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees. That way, you won’t have to worry about paying extra.

Use a Travel Agent for Cruises

Cruises are a lot less straightforward than standard trips by air or land. They can often be very confusing for first-timers. But with the help of a good travel agent, you can avoid wasting your money, and get solid vacation deals and perks like cabin upgrades and extra amenities.

However, the agent will want to get a higher commission from the cruise line as well, so they might try to book a tour bundle with flight tickets and hotel included. Try to avoid these and check the flights and hotels on your own.