5 Fun Ways To Stay In Shape This Summer

Shape, Stay In Shape This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to get in shape and stay in shape. The only problem is that you’ll find some temptations all season long. Between those salads filled with mayonnaise and loads of calories and the hot days when you just want to relax in the AC, you may find that you put on a few pounds. Staying in shape doesn’t mean spending hours in the gym every day. You can easily find some fun ways to stay in shape this summer and burn all of the calories you need to burn.

Hit the Beach

Hitting the beach helps you stay in shape in a few different ways. You can burn 200 calories or more for every 30 minutes that you spend swimming. When you’re not in the mood for a dip, take a long walk along the beach. Walking in the sand serves as natural resistance training. If you have kids or pets, feel free to bring them along. Splashing in the water can burn more calories than you might expect. You’ll also burn calories as you build castles in the sand and do some of your other favorite beach activities like looking for shells.

Head to the Course

Disc golf is a fun activity and one that has grown in recent years. It’s similar to golf in that you walk around a set course and try to reach the hole. The biggest difference is that with disc golf, you use a disc that you throw toward each hole. Many state and national parks have disc golf courses. Visiting one of those parks will let you check out the hiking trails to work your lower body. You may find some local parks that have courses, too. Just check ahead of time in case there’s a big match going on when you want to play.

Turn Your Driveway Into a Play Area

Basketball is one of the top spots that will help you get in shape. You don’t need to join the YMCA or play at a public court where you’ll find lots of crowds on nice days. With the right basketball hoop, you can turn your driveway into the ultimate play area. With a smart hoop, you can better track how you play and improve your skills. Try playing by yourself as you practice free throws and playing against your friends and family to see who comes out on top.

Tend Your Garden

Many people do not realize how much work it takes to build and maintain a garden. Whether you stick to some simple flowers, build a space filled with your favorite herbs, or try your hand at growing veggies, you need to make sure that the plants get the right amount of sunlight and that they have enough food and water. Working in your garden can also help you relax and form a better connection between your body and mind. There are even unique garden ideas you can try such as building a pizza garden where you grow your favorite pizza toppings.

Hit the Obstacle Course

An obstacle course is a fun way to work your whole body. It simply consists of different obstacles that you need to work your way around. Check with some of the parks around you as they may have these courses. You’ll find obstacles like traffic cones or cement markers that you need to race around as well as things you need to run under or jump over. If you don’t have any luck finding an obstacle course, consider making one of your own. Mark a spot in your yard for the course and get the whole family involved.

Stay in Shape All Summer

Many people spend months looking forward to summer. They want to host barbecues and outdoor parties and plan family vacations. While you might feel tempted to spend as much time inside in the AC, doing so will reverse the hard work you did to stay in shape in spring and winter. Look for fun ways to stay in shape or get in shape and burn more calories during the warm season. Some of the top activities you should try include running an obstacle course, taking care of a garden, playing basketball, heading to the beach, and playing disc golf.