5 Landlord-Friendly Ideas For Your Rental 

Renting can be challenging, as it is not always possible to decorate your rental how you’d like it if your style requests don’t mesh with your landlord’s terms and conditions. We’ve all heard of the “landlord special” and know that property managers don’t always do everything they can to prepare the space for tenants. Still, you live there, so flexibility should be permitted, right? We think so. Here are five landlord-friendly ideas for your rental to make decorating easy

  1. Apply A Fresh Coat Of Paint

One way to make your rental feel like a home sweet home is to apply a fresh coat of paint on the walls or cabinets. As a renter, you may not get first dibs on the color choice of your walls. The good news is that most landlords aim for neutral colors to keep things looking clean and modern. 

Typically, landlords request that tenants paint over their choice of color at the end of their lease with the original color (it’s usually “eggshell”). If you are doing any painting yourself, review your renters credit check with your landlord to showcase any need for help with paint purchases. 

Your landlord might be open to having you paint the walls a pure white or another neutral color to meet your style standards while also taking the opportunity to upgrade the unit.

  1. Rip Out Old Carpeting

If your place has old carpeting that is stained or smells, you have the right to request an upgrade. You shouldn’t be paying for something unsanitary or aesthetically off-putting. See if you can work with your landlord to determine an alternative flooring arrangement that won’t break the bank. You might even offer to be part of the process to help them save. 

  1. Peel-Off Wallpaper Options

Wallpaper is back in style, especially for backdrops and to cover up old cabinetry. Modern wallpaper is not nearly as damaging as it used to be. You can purchase peel-off wallpaper that does not superglue itself to your walls. An easy application and peel-off mean no mess or damage when it’s time for you to move out and enjoy an updated space. 

white ceramic sink near white ceramic sink
  1. New Kitchen Appliances

It’s 2022; you shouldn’t have to deal with a super outdated stove- especially if it’s gross. While not all apartment rentals can accommodate dishwashers or washer/dryer sets, you can expect to have a decent oven with a vent. Request a basic kitchen upgrade from your landlord if there is any glaring issue with the stove your unit comes with. 

They should be willing to help you out with this. Try to remain cordial with your landlord for the best outcomes. Some people are more accommodating than others, and you may need to assert your viewpoint a few times before your landlord decides to come around. Be patient! 

  1. Get New Light Fixtures

If you’re renting a place that is a bit older and outdated, chances are, your light fixtures need an upgrade. They might not even be there at all. An easy landlord-friendly idea for your rental is to have an electrician come by to let you know if fixtures are all set and what kind works for your unit.

 From there, you can work with your landlord to choose a style that meets your style and their budget. Something simple and cost-effective is likely the go-to choice! Bye-bye, ugly chandelier! 

The Bottom Line

As a renter, you should be able to request some changes to your unit if they are needed. You can come up with plenty of landlord-friendly ideas to keep things simple while still getting the style upgrade you deserve. Consider the suggestions in this article as you work to negotiate with your landlord on a style game plan for your place.