5 Letter Starting With AP Words What do those words mean?

Worldwide has enjoyed immense popularity. Wordle has also gained great popularity. This brain-stimulating video game is loved by all ages. This could be due to its simple gameplay or the popularity of sharing scores via social media.

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What do those words mean?

Wordle offers a daily puzzle to the player every day. A five-letter word with a few clues to help you guess. There are six attempts.

Wordle 362’s answer began with the letter A and ended with N. Are you able to guess? The second letter is “P”. It is used in a specific room. Still, baffled? You are still baffled?

Many people wondered what other words could have been created starting with AP.

  • Apace
  • Apron
  • A page
  • Apart
  • April
  • Apism
  • Apord
  • Aport
  • Apium
  • Appel
  • Apply
  • Aptly

These are just a few of the words that you can add to or use in your next Wordle puzzle.

5 letter words that begin with AP

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  • Appar
  • APCRs
  • Aphid
  • App
  • Apple
  • Apsis
  • Apsos
  • Apeek
  • Repaid
  • Aping
  • Apgar
  • Apnea

What does App mean? Apoop is a British English term meaning “on the poopdeck”. Still confused?

The poop deck, especially on a sailing boat, is the highest and most posterior deck. It is the roof of the cabin at the stern. It is also called ‘Poop Cabin.

What about other words? Here are the meanings for some 5 letter words that begin with AP.

Meaning of 5 letters words that start with AP

  • Appar – It’s an abbreviation for apparently
  • Apace – Fastly and swiftly
  • Apeek – (of ship) directly above the anchor
  • Apian – Derived from the Latin Apianus (which means bee),
  • Apism – Practice of mimicry, aping
  • A page is a technique or idea that was first used by someone else. In Ancient Greek it meant “Go away!”
  • Aport – Towards the left side the ship
  • Aphid – A small insect that suckers the juice from plants

Did you recognize any of these meanings? You can start learning now if you don’t know any of the meanings. These 5 letter starting with AP words meanings are likely to help you one-day.

Final Verdict

We can summarize that having a strong vocabulary will help you communicate in all aspects. You can speak, write, or listen. Wordle allows you to learn and play simultaneously. We will see you again in the next article. Leave a comment below to share your thoughts about our 5 letter starting with AP Words article.