Below is a news article about the answers and hints to 5 letter starting words with AP.

Want to find out the meaning of the 5 new letters added to the list that begins with AP? Did you know the meaning of these words? For more information, please read the following. Users from Worldwide were excited to see the latest words added to the list.

Wordle and other select games have made a difference in the puzzle world. Find out more about the 5 letter starting words with AP below and solve the latest puzzle.

What’s the most recent answer to Wordle number 336 on 21 May 2022?

Users wanted the most recent answer from official accounts. The Wordle solution for 21 May included AP at its end. According to the hints, the correct answer is NOT STRAP but SCRAP.

For 336 Wordle unlimited puzzles, the answer is SCRAP. Below is the meaning of the word. You can find the most recent update on the meaning and the 5-word letters in the hints section of the game. Continue reading to learn more about the Five-letter Words that Start with AP.

Tips for the Puzzle 336

The game’s hints will reveal the specific meaning. These hints can be found below:

  • It contains 5 letters.
  • Vowels are also included.
  • To make things a bit easier, “A” is in the middle and “S”, or “R,” at each alternative are placed.
  • It is not easy to find the letters “C” or “P”.

Meaning of

It is important to understand the meaning of Wordle. The following areas contain age hints:

  • SCRAP is an acronym for scrap. It’s unwanted material that cannot be reused and is thrown away every day by regular citizens.

List 5 letter starting words with AP for Wordle Puzzle

  • Cheap
  • Scrap
  • Strap
  • Recap
  • Remap
  • Uncap
  • jalapeno
  • watap
  • Recap
  • Sneap

How can I play Wordle online?

  • Visit the official website.
  • Add your game categories and links.
  • Get the link to the 24-hour challenges
  • You will receive hints in the puzzle box.

Quick Solutions

  • The user must be able to read the question and try it within six attempts.
  • To make them right, the red and grey blocks need to be replaced.
  • The meaning of the words are mentioned to be solved.
  • Because there are only a few clues and obligations, it’s simple to solve.

Why is 5 letter words ending with AP Trending?

Wordle is a popular trend because it has attracted players of different segments and created a new challenge. The correct answer has been given to the letter with five words that end with AP. This issue is becoming a trend because it adds new words to the dictionary.


The news reflects the five letter features in the Wordle Puzzle. These same specifications, as mentioned in the hint box, have elaborately expressed word usage. Wordle is a popular game.

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