You enjoy the online puzzle game Wordle. Wordle #368 was released on 22 June 2022. The players around the world are looking for the five-letter answer to Wordle #368.

Each day, a puzzle game is released. This gives players six chances of solving the mystery question. There are many clues, so it is easy to find the five-letter word that will answer the daily puzzles.

Puzzle #368 asks players to guess 5 letter words with Aul.

What Words Contain AUL?

We found many five-letter words that contain AUL at the beginning, end, and middle of our online searches. The worldwide players have to solve the #368 puzzle. Below is a list to assist players in finding the correct answer.

  • Aulas
  • Aulic
  • Aulls
  • Aulds
  • Aulos
  • Auloi
  • Sault
  • Baulk
  • Cauls
  • Shaul
  • Miaul

These are just a few words that contain AUL. The list might not contain the correct combination of words to solve riddle #368. The clues below will help you.

How to Find 5 Letter Words with Aul!

You probably know that the internet-based puzzle game is easy to use and you can quickly find the answers using online clues or hints. Below is a list of clues to help you find the correct combination of letters to find five-letter words that contain A, U, or L.

  • An adjective is the five-letter word that answers riddle #368.
  • The word does not contain duplicate letters
  • The word includes A, U, L, and T
  • This word can be used to describe very unpleasant or very negative experiences

These clues lead to the conclusion that #368 is AWFUL. The List of 5 Words Ending with Aul does not have an answer, as the answer is AWFUL and the letters A, U and L are placed in different ways.

Why do people search for words starting with AUL?

Wordle #368 asks players to find a five-letter word that contains AUL. The letters A, U and L cannot be placed together at the beginning, end, or middle of the word. It creates confusion. These letters are the clues for players to guess the five-letter word.

All players began searching for the 5 letter words starting with Aul. They didn’t know that the answer had these letters but they were not put together.

Answer to riddle #368: AWFUL. The word includes all three letters A, U and L but in different places.


The eP uzzle published a question on June 22, 2022. It asked players to find a five-letter word that contains AUL. All players began searching for words that contained AUL after question #368 was released.

The puzzle asks us to guess the 5 letter words with Aul. The word AUL contains it in different places. It is not at the beginning, end, or middle. You should not be confused.