5 Reasons Why People Still Travel for Business in a Digital World


5 Reasons Why People Still Travel for Business in a Digital World

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Nowadays, with so much business being performed online, it might seem like business travel isn’t as important as it used to be. 

However, this is a pretty big misconception. 

The truth of the matter is that by the year 2026, it’s estimated that the global business travel market will hit $791.9 billion.

That’s money that’ll likely be spent on things like flights, hotels, and other travel related expenses. 

But this begs the question.

Why are people still traveling for business when you can conduct business online so easily? 

Well, this is a good question. 

And in this blog post, we’re going to discuss 5 reasons for why people still travel for business—even in a digital world that’s connected by the internet. 

As it turns out, business travel is still crucial.

Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Sometimes, You Just Need To Be There

Sometimes, when it comes to business travel, it’s just really important that you actually show up on location. 

For example, if your company is getting ready to purchase a building, you might be able to look at pictures of that building online.

But that’s not going to be the same as actually seeing the location and visually inspecting the property yourself. 

If you’re going to spend enough money on a project or deal, it just stands to reason that at a certain point, you’re going to need to be there in person to make sure that the project, deal, or sale goes well.

2. Some Deals Require A Face-To-Face Meeting

A lot can be accomplished via the internet. 

You can email people, call people, conduct group meetings, use online messenger services, and even sign documents—all without ever meeting each other in person. 

However, there are some deals that are just too important to trust online infrastructure

At some point, there comes a time when you need to show up in-person—either to close a deal with an important client, to sign important legal documents, to perform necessary functions or duties associated with your business, etc. 

Yes, online tools are awesome. But they only cover you so much. 

3. Live Events Are Still Really Important

A lot of people travel for business to attend live events. 

Some examples of these events could be networking conferences, sales conferences, vendor meetups, trade shows, etc. 

These types of events are actually really important for business infrastructure, and they’re still an important part of conducting business. 

And it’s crucial that you make time for them when necessary.

4. People Still Want To Have Human Experiences

Even with so many different online opportunities at our disposal every single day, it’s still true that the vast majority of people still want to engage in human-centric, in-person activities.

This is true not only for business, but also for fun activities, vacations, family gatherings, etc.

Humans are social creatures

And to a point, we need that human contact to really thrive.

And this is reflected in the modern day propensity for humans to continue to engage in in-person business travel.

5. You Can’t Fix Or Build Physical Things Over The Internet

You can’t fix or build physical things over the internet.

If you’re an engineer, a construction worker, a renewable energy expert, etc. then there’s only so much work that you can accomplish over the internet. 

You can’t build a radio tower, fix a solar panel, or install a heating and air unit via email or over digital messenger.

You actually have to show up, get your tools out, collect the materials, and complete the project in-person.

For this reason, there will always be business travel as long as there’s business and commerce being conducted on either a local or even global scale. To put it simply, business travel isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


There you have it.

The five reasons for why people are still going to travel in the modern world even though we’re living in a digital age.

Equipped with this information, you can now make favorable travel decisions that’ll help you to impact your bottom line in a positive way.

You’ve got this. 

Now get out there and make it happen.