5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Tested and Approved TV Protective Solution for a Behavioral Health Center


5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Tested and Approved TV Protective Solution for a Behavioral Health Center

Imagine buying a TV protective solution with all sorts of protruding for a mental health facility. Besides harming themselves, the patients can harm staff who work at the facility. That’s why you need ligature-safe TV housing in such settings. They are available in the market, but some aren’t compliant with safety regulations. This article delves into why you should choose tested and approved TV housing for your behavioral health center. They are as follows:

Ensuring Patient Safety 

For starters, tested and approved protective solutions like ligature resistant tv enclosure ensures the safety of the patients. This is because they are designed with attention to detail, capturing features such as:

  • Anti-ligature design that minimizes points where a cord or rope can be attached.
  • Tamper-proof fastenings
  • Vented cooling design
  • Break resistant material

You can find such enclosures by researching reputable manufacturers with proven track records of producing ligature-safe TV protective solutions. Suh manufacturers publish about their testing and approval besides providing evidence of the same. Alternatively, you can consult a relevant healthcare professional to guide you when selecting where to buy the TV housing.


In addition, tested and proven ones are durable because they are made from sturdy materials like high-grade steel. Such TV solutions are also constructed using unique techniques like specialized welding that strengthens edges and impact-resistant surfaces. This feature is essential because behavioral healthcare facilities require protective solutions that withstand frequent use and aggressive behaviors. Opting for such a sturdy TV housing will minimize the need for frequent replacement, saving you the cost.

Customization to Align with Needs 

Each behavioral setting has unique needs, affecting the requirements for TV protective solutions. The tested and approved ones come with customizable features that allow your facility to tailor it to specific needs. For instance, some come with customizable security features like a lock mechanism and remote-control access to enhance the TV’s safety. You can get such protective solutions if you communicate your needs to the manufacturer.

Ease of Maintenance 

Besides, such TV enclosures are designed to give easy access for maintenance. This is critical because behavioral health centers must always be clean to reduce the risk of infection. Such TV housings come with smooth surfaces and accessible components, making maintenance easy. You can identify them by reading the description when shopping. While at it, make a point of reading reviews of other clients to ensure maintenance ease.


Opting for a tested and proven protective solution such as a ligature resistant tv enclosure will help you comply with regulations set by bodies such as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Compliance is crucial for the patients and your facility. Adherence to the regulations reassures the concerned parties, such as healthcare providers and administrators, that the facility is committed to maintaining a secure patient environment. Failure can lead to financial penalties, loss of accreditation, and legal actions.

Buying TV housing for a behavioral health center is essential due to the high risk of breakage. However, you must also consider the high ligature risk in such settings. With that, you should choose the tested and proven TV protective solutions and enjoy the benefits you have read here.