5 Road Trip Ideas in Arizona

Arizona is one of the most exciting places that can actually be the perfect place for a road trip. It has a variety of cultures to explore, diverse landscapes, multiple parks, and lots of landmarks. If you are setting out on a road trip in the state, be sure to include a few different locations to make the most of this kind of travel. Here are some of the locations that are worth visiting.

Grand Canyon

Arizona is home to one of the world’s wonders i.e. Grand Canyon and it should for sure be on your road trip itinerary. It is a truly majestic sight of how nature works and it is certainly a breathtaking and mind-blowing sight. As far as the Canyon is almost 500 kilometers long, and 30 kilometers wide, you can surely plan the whole trip around it. If you are up to the challenge, you can go hiking, climbing, or even camping. The southern part of the canyon is located within a couple of hours’ drive from Phoenix, so you can rent a car there and hit the road. If you are traveling with your family or group of friends, you can find a cheap minivan rental in Phoenix.

brown rocky mountain under white clouds during daytime

Montezuma Castle Monument

If you are keen on an active kind of rest and wish to enjoy the wonderful rocky landscape while learning about history, you ought to visit the Montezuma Castle Monument. Here you can marvel at the ancient dwellings carved into the cliffs. It is really interesting to try and imagine how people lives here about 600 years ago, before all the civilization perks and amenities, to try and wrap your head around how they tried to fight the desert. It is a dwelling with 20 rooms, which in itself is absolutely incredible, but also since this monument is dedicated to preserving the culture of Native Americans, you can learn a lot there.

Sonoran Desert

To get a bit of change from the cliffs and rocky landscapes, you should try to visit the Sonoran Desert. Even though the most territory of Arizona is considered to be desert, you must find a car rental in Phoenix and head out into the Sonoran Desert. It has diverse ecosystems, like tundra, grasslands, and forests. Besides, there are plenty of trails and routes for hiking and driving, so you can make a day of it. 

green cactus during daytime

Meteor Crater

Arizona has a lot of landmarks and even an extraterrestrial one. In Arizona, you can actually see the real meteor. You can visit a meteor crater and according to research, it dates back about 50000 years. There is an exhibit where you can learn about the space and history of this site. The crater is about 1,5 kilometers wide and you can actually take a tour there to the very rim of the crater.

brown rocky mountain under blue sky during daytime

Havasupai Fall

This is another site where you can learn about the history of Native Americans. You can go on a hike to the waterfalls, but be sure to get a permit. Moreover, there are camping grounds so you can actually spend some days there. The turquoise waterfalls contrast with the red cliffs and look absolutely magnificent. If you are into an active rest, try doing some hiking and camping there. There are many picnic tables near Havasu Falls, so you can have a great lunch with the perfect view. 

photo of waterfalls in forest during daytime

Overall, Arizona has marvelous landscapes and lots of sights that could prove to be exciting stops on your road trip. When you embark on a trip, try to include some different locations to fully enjoy the beauty of this state.