5 Steps To Evolve as a JavaScript Developer

Learning how to become a Javascript developer can help you determine if you want to pursue a profession in this field. 

The market demand for developers is huge. New opportunities emerge every day for those who desire to be JavaScript developers.

We live in a digital generation where companies like Facebook, Google, Airbnb, Amazon and Uber established new frontiers and revamp the global business ecosystem. 

None of this would be viable if it weren’t for the work of programmers, including front-end developers. 

In this article, we describe what a JavaScript developer is and summarise their roles, responsibilities and skills.

Before hiring a JS developer for your project. First, understand all about js development.

Why choose a JavaScript developer?

JavaScript is a lightweight object-oriented programming language that developers use to design websites.

It is useful for designing interactive web and mobile applications, games, and server applications. 

Javascript developers use JS for the following reasons:

Speed: By decreasing the time needed to set a connection with a server, JavaScript boosts the program execution.

Simple to use: JavaScript is painless to use and comprehend, which makes it more comfortable for developers to enforce complex solutions.

Interoperable: As it is compatible with other programming languages, many developers pick JavaScript to design applications.

Rich interface: Javascript developers can utilise various features, such as drag-and-drop components and sliders. It helps to design dynamic and attractive websites.

Versatile: Developers can utilise this language for both front-end and back-end development, which makes it adaptable.

Responsibilities Of A JavaScript Developer

JS developers execute the following tasks:

Firstly, Create and optimising an application performance

Secondly, Design interactive user interfaces for multiple platforms

Thirdly, Design and revise complex applications

Fourthly, Evaluating the feasibility of UI/UX designs

Fifthly, Performing requirements analysis, code analysis, risk assessment, user interface design and quality assurance.

Lastly, Design web applications in alliance with front-end and back-end developers

Steps to Become a JavaScript Developer

Here we highlighted a few steps to become a JS developer:

1. Finish your 10+2 or higher secondary

Firstly, You can seek a profession in JS development by clearing 10+2 or equivalent examinations from a renowned board. 

Secondly, The study of physics, chemistry and mathematics is paramount for those aiming for a bachelor’s degree. 

Additionally, you may pick a computer science to grasp the basics of programming concepts that demand in the future.

2. Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

Firstly, Javascript developers generally have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, information technology or a related field. 

Secondly, Many companies choose candidates with an Engineering Degree in Computer Science or IT, such as a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) or Bachelor of Engineering (BE). 

Thirdly, You can also go for a Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc) in computer science or IT. 

Additionally, Make sure you analyse these courses entirely before enlisting.

3. Discover programming languages

Firstly, After your graduation, boost your skills in basic programming concepts like object-oriented programming, the basics of HTML, and CSS and the basics of web development. 

Additionally, understanding these concepts will help you to use JS in your projects. 

Furthermore, For a more satisfactory understanding of JS, consider enlisting in courses, examining study guides and consulting the official documentation.

4. Enhance your skills

You can enhance your skills by following these actions:

Firstly, Get appropriate certifications

Secondly, Including relevant certifications can enrich your credibility and employability. A few relevant certification courses are:

  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)
  • Certified JavaScript Developer
  • CIW – JavaScript Specialist
  • Microsoft – Certified Solutions Associate

Thirdly, Stay up-to-date with recent technologies

Lastly, Boost your skills with the latest technologies and research areas. 

5. Create your resume

Firstly, The skilled summary section of your resume is an excellent place to list your abilities. 

Secondly, You can do this to show the company a better understanding of your professional background and work experience. Thirdly, When explaining your work background, exemplify how your talents helped you achieve your goals. 

Additionally, You may enclose a link to your portfolio with your projects. 

Consequently, the interviewer gets an adequate understanding of your technical skills and can reckon your suitability for the job.

Lastly, ensure that you add skills and keywords such as HTML, CSS, AngularJS, React, jQuery and JavaScript to the job description so that the employer can search for them on your resume.

Javascript Developer Skills

For JS developers to advance in their careers, they need both hard and soft skills.

In addition to JS tools, they may have experience with software design structures, data structures, coding, and framework knowledge.

 Additional certification courses are also available to graduates in this field. These professionals need a variety of skills, including:

Hard skills

Here we highlighted a few examples of hard skills that JS developers use on the job:

1. Coding skills

Firstly, It is crucial for Javascript developers to have profound knowledge of the JavaScript framework. 

Secondly, should be proficient in error-handling techniques, data models, Data Object Model (DOM) design and manipulation, event handling and front-end frameworks. 

2. Understanding of  front-end frameworks

  • Angular: It is created by Google developers. A fantastic framework with all of the functionalities that a simple project requires. It is very easy to learn, with outstanding documentation. Companies hire angular js developer to design elegant applications. 
  • React js : React js is a library for managing views. Employed on facebook.com and actively designed by Facebook developers. Leverage our experts to design intuitive react js apps. Hire react js developer.
  • Vue: It is very easy to learn and has the most painless learning curve. Hire Vuejs developer to adopt the best patterns from Angular and React.
  • Node js: Node js is a framework that allows developers to use JavaScript for developing the application. Hire node.js developer to design the front end as well as the back end of an application.

3. Client-side technologies

Firstly, experts who specialise in client-side web development have sounder career opportunities. Secondly, by using client-side technology, they can construct attractive, interfaces. Client-side technology includes languages such as:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap

4. Budget design

Firstly, By understanding budgets and finances, Javascript developers can enforce cost-effective software development methods. 

Secondly, This requires them to formulate a project budget to assign critical funds for resources, including people and technology. 

Lastly, They are also reliable for observing the budget work and making sure that it does not overreach the defined limit.

Soft skills

Here we highlighted a few soft skills sets that Javascript developers use on the job:

1. Communication skills

Firstly, JS developers are responsible for presenting the finished product to non-technical audiences. 

Secondly, Having good communication skills helps you to introduce the application and its functionalities to the client. 

Additionally, Communication skills allow you to establish trust among colleagues. Furthermore, it enhances teamwork and cultivates a positive surrounding.

2. Time management

Firstly, JS developers may work simultaneously on multiple projects. 

Secondly, They develop software solutions, fix bugs, maintain existing projects, and improve the design and usability of applications. 

Thirdly, Organising their work well and finishing work on time is more manageable when they adhere to an effective time management strategy. 

3. Problem-solving skills

 It is important for these professionals to be able to create logical solutions to problems, as this skill often aids them in the completion of complex projects.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have highlighted about roles and responsibilities of JS developers. The market demand for front-end developers is tremendous, and new opportunities emerge every day for those who desire to become a developer.

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