5 Valid Reasons to Use a Care Coordination Company When Compensating an Injured Worker


5 Valid Reasons to Use a Care Coordination Company When Compensating an Injured Worker

The worker compensation process is quite intricate, with various stakeholders in play. For instance, there are employers, insurance carriers, injured workers, and healthcare providers. This many parties make this process cumbersome and expensive. Although some organizations handle the entire process internally, you should choose the alternative if caught up in the web. The alternative here is third-party vendors like care coordination companies. Here are the valid reasons to hire them. 

  1. Streamlined Communication 

For starters, hiring third-party vendors like ONECALL workers comp streamlines communication. The streamlining happens because the care coordination company is the central hub for all the parties involved in the compensation process. In addition, they use an integrated communication system that enables real-time updates, document sharing, and exchange of messages. This use of technology not only streamlines communication but also enhances transparency among the stakeholders. With streamlined communication, the vendor creates a cohesive environment for the compensation process.  

  1. Expedited Medical Care

Fast medical care is essential in the worker compensation process as it prevents complications, ensures optimal and speedy recovery, and minimizes downtime. Third-party vendors, especially those specializing in coordination, provide fast medical care. This happens because of the following: 

  • Network of healthcare providers
  • Prioritized appointments 
  • Efficient referral process

Team of experts

  • 24/7 availability 

The injured worker can get fast care with real-time communication, preauthorized assistance, and technology integration. This efficiency saves time and resources for every party involved. However, when choosing the vendor, ensure they have a proven track record of offering fast medical care. 

  1. Cost Efficiency 

As mentioned, worker’s compensation is expensive in terms of time and resources. That’s another valid reason to hire third-party vendors to handle the process. Thanks to their efficient network management, the care coordination company can negotiate competitive rates for medical services. This helps to control the cost of treatment, consultations, and rehabilitation. In addition, their efficiency reduces administrative burdens, time, and related costs.  

  1. Compliance and Documentation 

Adherence to laws and regulations is mandatory in this process, with none compliance attracting legal penalties. Unfortunately, compliance can be challenging if one party lacks legal representation. Hiring a care coordination company helps with compliance and documentation because they have specialists to handle such complications. Thanks to their expertise, they will help compile the required documents. As a result, they ensure fast compensation. 

  1. Improved Return-to-Work Outcomes 

Care coordination companies like ONECALL workers comp improves return-to-work outcomes of the injured worker. They do this by facilitating a smooth return to work through close collaboration with healthcare providers and the other parties involved. They also ensure that the injured worker gets ongoing support to improve their well-being in no time. For instance, they provide vocational rehabilitation and mental health support for full recovery. 

Workers compensation after an injury is a long, time- and resource-intensive process. Although your company can handle it internally, it may take longer than necessary and face legal hurdles. That’s why you should involve third-party vendors like care coordinating companies. Such companies are experienced in handling this process and can do it efficiently without incurring much cost. Therefore, it will help to use the information you have read here and involve the specialists in the compensation process.