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5Popular Shoe Brands Of 2023: Stats & Facts

Shoes are a luxury on your feet which determines your impression on any person. That’s why wearing the classiest ones is important. There are several brands which create masterpieces to provide shoe lovers with one perfect shoe that matches their style. Brands like Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Chanel, Dior, Burberry and Salvatore Ferragamo have gained a lot of fans over the years. Still, in the current scenario, fashion means comfort. Only a few brands have surpassed that level of achievement among the audience. In that list, some brands are expensive while some are affordable, but both can be within your budget while shopping with store discounts like Level Shoes offers. As per trends, the top brands keep changing every year, but there are several underlying reasons which make the difference. Business strategies, brand ambassadors, price range and sales are a few of the reasons out of all. Five brands that strived in these categories are listed below.    

Bottega Veneta

The first brand on the list is Bottega Veneta. This brand was started in 1966 in Italy. They are known for their distinctive designs and the uniqueness of not using their brand logo. Bottega Veneta is all about connecting with the customers with their products and not through unpromising ads. These factors make it a popular fashion brand. Especially their shoes have been gaining a lot of attention for their finesse. Their brand pumped up in the market after introducing their first-ever brand ambassador, RM, from BTS. The sensational musical ambassador made the brand more relevant to common people. Certainly, the sales have reached the sky despite the luxury pricing. 


The next up is Adidas. When you think about a top sports brand, this is the first name to pop up in your mind. The brand is so many popular global brand ambassadors starting from sportspersons to actors. They have created an impact which makes them irreplaceable when it comes to the shoe industry. Even in 2023, they have reached the targets which other brands crave for. Since 1924 till now Adidas has proved its worth. Some popular names that are connected with the brand are Jenna Ortego, Deepika Padukone, Lionel Messi, Kendall Jenner, Aaron Rodgers and Anthony Johnson. Their sports shoes are so popular that almost every big sports team has sponsorships with Adidas. But, if you’re craving for a local US brand and want to know how to clean white shoes, then a company like “Loom Footwear” can be a perfect choice, as they manufacture a range of waterproof tennis shoes, waterproof athletic shoes, trekking shoes, running shoes, hiking shoes, and comfortable work shoes. All are made with Australian Merino wool, and have in-built breathable knit material for optimum air inflow and ventilation. This is how the shoes remain odor-free.


Trends are meant to be shifted, but that is certainly not the case for Converse. The brand has been in the footwear market since 1908. This lifestyle store majorly focuses on its shoe quality, and the logo of the brand is what makes it even more desirable to consumers. The Converse sneakers will always be the queen of retro punk styling, which makes it an accessible but rare style of this era. The brand’s niche is to stay relevant in the market by choosing popular celebrities like Chuck Taylor, Winnie Harlow, Millie Bobby Brown and Jeon Somi. 


The brand Valentino is known for its bright-coloured minimalistic fashion. They have clearly made a relevant space in the market with their shoe range. Ambassadors like Florence Pugh, SUGA from BTS, Zendaya and others have made the brand a social media success. This has made Valentino a name even around the common crowd. Their bright pinks make them showcase a very enthusiastic and joyful persona. Their craftsmanship has been incomparable, and the luxury brand tries to maintain its reputation at all costs.


Lastly, we have Nike on the list. The brand is known for street-style fashion items, but of course, its shoes have a bigger audience. Starting from the comfort of the look, Nike never misses out on any point. They have been in the business for so long that their spot is irreplaceable. In the athletic scenario, they have gained enough exposure for the last 59 years. Most of their brand ambassadors come from a sports background or are athletes, including Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and Neymar. This shows how the brand has created a family and trust with the biggest sportspersons.   

Footprints To Conclusion

In conclusion, shoe brand preference differs from person to person. This is because some might want sports shoes while others might want to be a diva in high heels. But the brand reputation list for some stores stays stagnant. So, follow the trends and shop the latest launches from these stores using the Levelshoes coupon, Nike code, Adidas voucher or similar fashion hub discounts.