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6 Easiest Online Free Project Management Courses

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The field of study of project management has expanded quickly all around the world. It could be an essential soft talent for the job or a separate career path. There are several possibilities if you want to learn project management. You can attend a four-year university and obtain a degree in project management. 

However, if you’re unsure if it’s the appropriate career path for you, our collection of online free project management courses might help you make up your mind. Gaining knowledge about project management can help you grow your company and enhance your career. These abilities can be acquired without spending a lot of money on a degree. 

If you are a student and want to stay ahead in your career, then you may ask someone to do my online course. Moreover, a project management course may not ensure employment in the field, but it is a positive step.

Is A degree or certification in Project Management Worth it?

Having a degree or certificate in project management allows you to quickly differentiate yourself from the general population, which is one of the finest benefits. Thanks to the demanding course material, which may greatly improve your leadership abilities, help you organize teams better, and help you carry out projects very effectively. 

Furthermore, you will indeed be able to demonstrate your ability to manage projects much better. Additionally, it enhances the worth of your resume, and specializing can serve as proof of your abilities as a project manager.

Moreover, the certification will enable you to demonstrate to others that you have the abilities necessary to participate in the project management industry. The certification is widely recognized, allowing you to advance your career and receive the appropriate amount of exposure. If you are unable to complete your course, you may visit many online websites such as Quizlet, Chegg, Scholarly Help, etc., to take online assistance. 

Although having a degree to demonstrate your skills demonstrates that you are capable of living up to the industry standards and meeting the benchmarks that are set by top-tier organizations for their projects, even though project handling skills are something that every manager learns at some point or another.

6 Superlative Online Degrees for Project Management

Here, we’ve covered a variety of online free project management courses for beginners who want to comprehend and put project management principles into practice.

  1. Introduction to Project Management by the University of Adelaide

Students will get the knowledge and abilities to handle any size project at work or at home in this free introduction to project management course. It provides an introduction to several project management strategies and explains how to use them in practical situations. 

Moreover, it is appropriate for both students who wish to learn how to handle projects in other areas of their lives and those who are thinking about a career in project management. This is one of the finest online free project management courses.

Additionally, you will learn in detail how to define a project’s scope and objectives as well as how to schedule, plan,  and budget it from start to finish. You can, however, work at your own pace if you want to finish it sooner. In audit mode, taking the test is free. For a small charge, students can get their project management certificate.

Offered By: EdX

Cost: Free

Time: 6 weeks

  1. Foundations of Project Management by Coventry University 

This course develops your grasp of standard project lifecycles and explores the foundational facets of project management. You will learn the fundamentals of project management in this course as well, from both a theoretical and practical standpoint. You’ll learn about project restraints including money, time, and resources.

Along with these topics, you’ll examine project managers’ roles and competencies as well as potential avenues for further professional growth. You will be able to talk about and show that you have the skills necessary to choose and launch a project within an organizational environment.

When the course is finished, you’ll be able to summarize the key elements of a project and the procedures thought to be crucial for its successful completion, and evaluate the significance of project management in the context of different organizational cultures and strategies. It is also one of the great online free project management courses.

Offered By: FutureLearn

Cost: $27.99/month

Time: 2 weeks

  1. Capstone: Applying Project Management in the Real World by Google

You will practice using the skills and knowledge of project management you have already studied in this capstone course. students should finish the Courses available in this specialization, as they lay the groundwork for success in this course’s exercises.

Moreover, you will have created a portfolio of project management artifacts by the end of the course that will display the abilities you have gained during the entire program, including your capacity to lead teams and manage stakeholders, arrange plans, and convey project details. 

However, you should be prepared to apply for entry-level project management employment after finishing this program. Additionally, you will be able to obtain a completion certification badge that employers will recognize. Thus, Google offered great online free project management courses.

Offered By: Coursera

Cost: Free

Time: 35 hours

  1. Project Management and its Role in Effective Business by Coventry University

This course will teach you how to manage projects in organizations to bring about strategic change and transformation. Additionally, you’ll be able to deepen your understanding of the phases, tools, and methods necessary for the project conception, preparation, implementation, control, and closure.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to prove that you understand the role that project management plays in delivering continuous improvement inside organizations. You will investigate how teamwork, organization, and interaction impact multinational project management. This is among the best online free project management courses.

Offered By: FutureLearn

Cost: $39/month

Time: 10 weeks

  1. Business Management: Project Management by The Open University

Across all industries, project management skills are becoming more and more crucial. Effective project delivery can help you stand out in your organization and differentiate you from your competitors.

Moreover, you will learn the fundamental concepts, methods, and skills required to successfully lead or contribute to projects that add value and provide favorable results in this course. This course will help you grasp the foundations and learn how to confidently apply them to a project, whether you are already engaged or looking to transition into a project management role.

Additionally, you’ll be able to comprehend important concepts like delivering value, defending an investment, and verifying a project’s sustainability.

Although, you will be actively encouraged throughout the course to use your new abilities in your work so that you can instantly put what you have learned into practice and benefit your organization and job.

Offered By: FutureLearn

Cost: $569

Time: 10 weeks

  1. Project Management Essentials Certification by Management and Strategy Institute

It is less entertaining than some of the other options on our list of online free project management courses because it is mostly a read-only course, but the site is user-friendly and well-designed. You must register using your name and other details, and you must also verify your email address. Once confirmed, you can begin the course right away and complete it at your leisure.

Furthermore, there is no project requirement for this certification. Anyone with the desire and time to learn project management principles has access to it. Studying can be done from home or the office and is entirely online.

Individuals who want to learn more about project management should get this certification. You will have quick access to a digital certificate confirming your certification status after passing the exam. This course does not come with a physical certificate or transcripts unless you acquire the upgrade because it is free.

Cost: Free

Time: 20 minutes

Bottom Line

Therefore, taking one or more of the free courses on our list has nothing to lose. Finding out more about project management might be beneficial for your current role or even lead to new opportunities. But everyone may gain useful skills through online free project management courses that we have mentioned above, regardless of whether they manage a household, a small business, or a large enterprise.