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The bridge

After its reopening, the Sixth Street Viaduct has been making headlines online. This bridge is also known as Sixth Street Bridge. It’s located between Downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District and Boyle Heights.

Built in 1932, the original Viaduct was completed. It was demolished due to severe structural problems in 2016. The 6TH Street Bridge Los Angeles was completed in six years. It was opened as a replacement on July 9, 2022.

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) decided to close down the bridge until further notice. Speed bumps will also be installed. We will be discussing in detail the illegal activities that were committed on the bridge.

Let’s talk about the history of the bridge.

Original Viaduct Bridge

While everyone has been talking about Viaduct 2, we should also know about Viaduct 1.

Did you know that the original 6TH St. Los Angeles Bridge has appeared in numerous movies, music videos, and television programs? It was an iconic landmark in Los Angeles.

Due to the high alkali content of the concrete used for the construction of the old bridge, severe cracks developed. This affected the structure’s strength. It was then demolished and construction on the new bridge began. It was finally closed on January 27, 2016. It took nine months to demolish this bridge.

In 2022, the new bridge was inaugurated. People began to perform illegal acts on the bridge in order to gain fame.

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LAPD sent out a tweet about the closure of the bridge to inform the public. People then started to share their concerns and views.

While some people thought it was a great decision, others weren’t so sure. The bridge was only recently opened.

Many people were seen doing stunts and climbing on the bridge, which caused traffic chaos. One clip showed a man getting his haircut on the bridge. The LAPD closed the bridge due to illegal activities.


This concludes the 6TH St Los Angeles Bridge. The decision to close the bridge was made for safety reasons.

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