7 Helpful Tips to Increase Your Catering Sales

The catering sector is competitive, making it challenging to develop and boost profits. How can you stand out and design a culinary programme that gets booked for any event? 

Kevin Caples, special events coordinator at Arbour Catering in Chicago, told us how he built his catering firm into a powerhouse.

  1. Market creatively

Traditional marketing, like print advertising in local newspapers or e-newsletters, may assist promote your catering service, but it won’t set you apart from the competitors. Marketing creatively and outside-the-box will make your catering clients feel more real.

“We’ve harvested beeswax from our rooftop beehive and made lip balm,” Caples added. We do tiny things like that because of who we are. Instead of hiring a corporation, we’re creative and want to sign our work. People respond better when they know it’s from us.”

  1. Hold tastings

You presumably promote your catering company using newsletters and social media. Have you held tastings? Meeting prospective catering customers in person lets them see your presentation and taste your great food. A tasting begins with a list of corporate and engaged couple catering leads. Send a cute, informative email.

After they come, introduce your catering services and go through each menu item. As visitors depart, have brochures, takeout menus, and business cards available. To maximise your sampling, give a discount on their first catering event.

  1. Build client trust.

Catering companies must generate buzz to succeed. Build client trust to accomplish this.

Caples asks catering clients about their event concept to get to know them. After assessing his client’s needs, he prioritises modest, customisable features.

  1. Don’t miss walk-ins.

We bet certain clients still prefer to visit your company to schedule their event or celebration. Train your team to manage in-store catering orders and answer any catering programme enquiries.

Your firm will function well if every staff member can assist walk-in clients book catering orders. Remember that, particularly if you’re a restaurant, you may transform frequent customers into catering clients.

  1. Reward referrals.

New catering customers will expand your company and brand. Use a referral programme to utilise your present clients. After delivering catering orders, email or phone customers to see how they liked it. Request a reference when contacting them. Create a referral programme page on your website to make it simple for existing customers to recommend.

Remember: effect doesn’t need cost. A $25 gift card for every catering recommendation that orders may make all the difference.

Caples added, “We have a list of past and ongoing clients that we reach out to [for referrals] whenever it makes sense.

  1. This one menu item matters.

The menu item to enhance catering sales? Everyone likes sandwiches. Sandwiches on your catering menu might help you book business lunches and other non-peak hours.

Reaching new casual clients is worth the hurdles of bulk sandwich catering (how can you prevent the bread from becoming soggy?). You’ll also compete with Panera Bread and Jason’s Deli with this crucial menu item.For additional information to find the suitable packaging, visit AT Packaging.

  1. Use software to simplify.

Know that using sticky notes or Google Calendar to monitor your catering orders may be holding down your catering company. Catering software like AT Packaging improves order acceptance and saves time and energy, allowing you to serve more clients and boost revenues. Cloud-based software powers businesses with digital BEOs, lead forms, and online credit card payments. An extra? To get every order properly, it will eliminate team misunderstanding.

Caples claimed event management software helped a lot. It aids organisation and client communication. Our customers may examine bids and deposit payments online, making process easier.”

AT Packaging handles catering requests.

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