sex positions


7 mind-blowing anal sex positions you should try with your partner 

sex positions

The fact that sex could get boring in the long run, so you need to be spontaneous. You can adapt several forms of sex to spice the relationship aside from the regular vagina sex, which will most likely get tiring and boring soon. You and your partner must be willing to explore other forms of sex aside from those you have been used to because that’s the only way to improve your sexual intimacy. 

Asides from penetrating sex, there are other forms of sex like anal sex, which most individuals will likely find unethical and “extreme.” However, it’s not as extreme as most persons visualize it. Nonetheless, anal sex remains one of the most interesting, intimate, and erotic forms of sex you can explore with your partner. So, if you have chosen to explore anal sex with your partner, then you must understand the sexual-know how involved and how to go about it without having any issue whatsoever. There are various anal sex positions that you can learn from watching porn videos on an online, reputable site. Nonetheless, here are some positions you should have in your arsenal to enjoy mind-blowing sex. 

The lap dance:

From the name, you can tell how this will probably go. The man sits and rests his back or uses his hands as support. The lady sits on the lap, and penetration is achieved; however, it is through the ass, exposing the lady to the full length of the penis. 

Sleeping doggy:

This is a little different from the regular doggy. So, instead of the lady being on her fours, she lies down and supports her vagina region with a pillow, allowing her to arch perfectly while the man slams her from behind. 

The anal missionary:

This is one of the most practiced anal sex positions in most porn videos. Your partner enters from the missionary position, while you could have your legs hung around his shoulders, giving him the perfect view of the anal hole. 


There’s a reason why this position is regarded as the caboose, and it’s somewhat easy to explore. At the same time, your partner sits on a chair or a bed, back himself into his lap, and tries spooning while seated. 


Have your partner take the big spoon position while he enters from behind. All you do here is lay sides by side while he accesses the asshole. 

The leaning cowgirl:

From the name, you can tell how this would likely play out. Like the regular cowgirl, your partner lies on the back while you sit on them and lean a little forward, placing both hands on their shoulders. 

The reversed cowgirl:

This is about very popular too. However, the difference between this and the cowgirl position is that while you and your partner face each other in the regular cowgirl position, you get to back him in this position, revealing your backside to him while he enters from under.