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7 Steps to Pick the Best Patio Umbrellas That Last Long and Look Good 

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For most of us, using outdoor space is quite important. This might be the aftermath of the pandemic, but we are all aware that there are still restrictions that have to be followed when you are visiting a restaurant or a beach. Therefore, making the most out of any personal outdoor space becomes crucial in order to relax, read a book, soak up the sun by the pool, or simply enjoy a cold beverage.

To effectively do all of these, you would need chairs and tables You can even choose to customise your relaxation space. However, while you take up the task of designing the space your way, don’t forget to install a patio umbrella. Protecting yourself from harmful sun exposure is just as important as curating a space for relaxation. 

You will find plenty of options when you go patio umbrella shopping, but you must always try to get the best patio umbrella made with high-quality materials. A good quality patio umbrella will not just protect you from the scorching sun and its UV rays, but also help keep your relaxing area cool, shade you from the rain and even add a nice ambience to your space. 

However, finding the strongest patio umbrella could prove to be tricky. To assist you in making this choice, we have devised a 7 step process that will help you choose the best patio umbrella, so that you never have to compromise on your comfort. 

What is a patio umbrella?

However, before we tell you the steps, let’s define what a patio umbrella is. A patio umbrella is an upright umbrella with a central and straight pole often attached to outdoor tables. While their primary function is to provide shade in seating areas, they are used for other purposes as well. These umbrellas.  come in multiple shapes and sizes, from round to rectangular. They also offer a tilt mechanism so that you are protected from harmful UV rays irrespective of the sun’s position is in the sky. 

Now that you have a fair idea about a patio umbrella, let us discuss a detailed evaluation of how to select the best patio umbrella for your outdoor space. 


The first thing you must consider before buying a custom patio umbrella canopy is where you would want to install it. A few popular outdoor spaces include:

  • Patios: As the name itself suggests, these umbrellas are the best fits for your patios and backyards. Whether you are cooking outdoors for a barby or having a usual get-together with family and friends, patios are the best places to host such events. A sturdy patio umbrella to protect you and your guests from the sun or the rain, will definitely be a reliable addition to your outdoor arrangement. 
  • Pools: Lounging by the pool is one of the most blissful ways to laze around on a sunny day. However, you don’t want the sun’s harsh rays to affect your skin or your health. This is why patio umbrellas are best ideas for pool-side fun and they provide ample shade for you.
  • Gardens: Sitting on a chair and looking at the beautiful plants in your garden is a great way to relax. However, an umbrella can come in handy as it will shade you from the harmful rays. But make sure that the umbrella is not too large. Otherwise, it could cast a big shadow on your plants.
  • Porches: Your porch is obviously covered with a roof, but a patio umbrella can still be quite useful, especially when the sun shines below the edge of the roofline. However, you need to keep one important thing in mind if you are buying an umbrella for your porch. Contrary to the large umbrellas for your pools and patios, you would want a small and short umbrella for the porch, so that it remains clear off the ceiling.

2. SIZE 

Once you have figured out the location, you might also want to ascertain how much space you have to fit your umbrella and your overall requirement. If your outdoor space is large, you will need two or more umbrellas. Similarly, if you want to invite your friends to a pool party, you would want multiple umbrellas. These days, patio umbrellas are available in all sizes to suit your requirements. 


When you buy an umbrella, you would want it to blend with the surroundings and the aesthetics of the area. So if you have a rectangular table, opt for a rectangular patio umbrella that is going to provide more functionality. For round and square tables, a square umbrella would do the trick. 

The colour of the custom patio umbrella canopy should also complement your décor. However, you should keep in mind that light colours like white or bright yellow would reflect more light and heat compared to darker shades such as black and navy blue. 


Now that you have settled upon the location, size, shape and colour, you must also think about the material. This is because the durability of your umbrella depends greatly on the fabric quality. Generally, the materials used in patio umbrellas are:

  • Acrylic: They are perfect for regular outdoor use and come in a range of bright and beautiful colours. They are known to last long and can also be customised.
  • Olefin: This is a short name for polyolefin-polypropylene material. Resistant to condensation, UV rays and other rough weather elements, the fabric is strong, versatile and offers good durability. 
  • Spanish recasens: This is a high-quality Spanish acrylic known for its durability. It is ideal for outdoor use because this material could prevent wear, tear and scratches to the printed surface. 
  • Polyester: This fabric is adaptable and resilient and comes is standard colours like black, white, yellow, red, green and blue.


After deciding on the material for the roof of the umbrella, the next step is to ascertain the frame on which the umbrella will stand. You require a frame that is sturdy and can support the heavy-duty umbrella canopy. There are three materials which are primarily used to make umbrella frames — wood, aluminium and steel. Although wood is considered a classic choice by many people looking from the aesthetic point of view, it may not be a practical one. Wood tends to snap easily under pressure, therefore, both steel and aluminium would make a better choice for frame. 


The umbrella must stand on a strong foundation because the base will hold and secure the centre pole. This is important, especially during windy conditions. It is advisable to pack your umbrellas if the wind is strong and high. But if you want to enjoy a nice breeze, you must ensure that you choose a heavy umbrella stand. This will help in keeping your umbrellas stable. 


Your custom patio umbrella canopy is almost ready and you can style it further with intricate design elements and decorative lights, especially if you are hosting a party. A nicely designed umbrella adds to the ambience and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can use LED lights to make it look fashionable.


Now that you have a seven-step guide, we are more than certain that you will be able to buy the best patio umbrellas for your outdoor space. While you have understood th e importance of patio umbrellas in sheltering you from the sun and rain, and blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays, you must also remember that the product you choose should make you comfortable. It also shouldn’t stretch your budget. 

To get the best deal at a great price, look for online umbrella manufacturing brands in Australia. They offer great products and services along with custom-printing options. Do check them out!