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A Guide on How to Clean a Ducted Air Conditioner Filter 

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The importance of keeping your filters clean cannot be overstated. It ensures that you will experience optimal performance, which in turn reduces operating costs and boosts efficiency.

You are probably wondering how to clean your air filters. It is actually really easy and only takes 10 minutes every few months.

In this article, we cover how to clean a ducted air conditioner filter and more. Read on.

Cleaning Ducted Air Filters in 8 Easy Steps

The ducted 14x20x1 air filters are a convenient way to keep your house cool and free from dust particles. Although these systems are to ensure that the indoor air is clean and purified.

The efficiency of your HVAC system can suffer if you do not take care to clean out the dust that is collecting on filters and obstructing airflow, which will reduce their effectiveness and increase energy costs. So, take time to clean your ducted air conditioner filter and make sure that it is in tip-top condition. 

Step 1: Accessing the Air Conditioning 

To access the air conditioning filter, use a ladder. Check that your ladder is secure and in a safe position.

Step 2: Opening Up the Filter 

Carefully remove the screw or latch on your ducted air conditioning filter, then open it up.

Step 3: Getting the Aircon Filter Out 

Slide out the ducted air conditioner filter from its position. 

Step 4: Cleaning Your Ducted Air Conditioning Filters

The easiest way to wash your filter is by running it under running water from the opposite side of where the dust seems to accumulate. If you have outdoor access, use a hose and if indoors, use a kitchen or laundry sink and wash the ducted air con filters under the water tap.

Have you noticed a greasy film building up on your ducted filter?

If your unit is installed in a kitchen, grease build-up on the air conditioning filters from emissions can cause a layer of grease to form. This will lead not only to discolouration but also to an unpleasant smell. To clean this up, you need soap and water with abrasive bristles.

Step 6: Dry Your Filter

Clean your air conditioner’s filter by shaking it out. This will remove any excess water that may have settled on the surface. 

Step 7: Reinstall the Filter

Place the filters back in place. Slide them back, ensuring they are sitting comfortably on their guides.

Step 8: Fasten and Secure the Filter

Make sure you close the filtered air conditioner filter and secure it tightly.

Why Is It Important to Clean Your Ducted Air Conditioner Filters?

One of the best ways to protect your home from overheating in the hot Australian weather is through regular air filter maintenance. With a clean and properly functioning system, you can enjoy cool comfort all day long.

Here we discuss the four benefits of air conditioning filter maintenance. 

Increases the Life of Your Air Conditioning Unit

A dirty air conditioner filter is one of the leading causes of HVAC failure and should be cleaned regularly to prevent wear. If you do not clean your unit’s filters, it will struggle more than necessary while also shortening its life span. This could lead to denver air conditioning repair or even replacements of your air conditioner.

Better Energy Efficiency

Think your utility bills are going up? It may be time for an air conditioning filter change. A new, clean one can cut energy costs by up to 50%. And, changing a filter out can help more than pay for itself with all of those energy savings.

Improves the Overall Air Quality of Your Indoor Environment

What happens when you have a dirty air filter? It takes and recycles the same particles that are inside your home with it. This can lead to problems with indoor quality, especially during winter when windows tend to be closed more often.

Besides keeping your indoor air fresh, you will also spend less time cleaning your home by keeping a clean air conditioner filter. You will breathe easier and have fewer allergens. 

Helps Keep Ductwork Cleaner

The buildup of dust and dirt in your ductwork can affect performance. Keeping filters clean will help improve airflow, which means you will experience cleaner air conditioning.

How Often Should You Clean Your Ducted AC Filters?

The filter on your air conditioning system is an important component that needs to be cleaned often. If you do not clean it regularly, fine dust and dirt can accumulate, which will reduce the efficiency of cooling in hot weather or when using specific models with higher rates of use.

Most people clean their home’s air conditioning filters once every two months, but this may vary depending on how often you use the system. The fewer times it is used in winter and more often during summer time means different filter cleaning schedules.

Get a Professional Inspection and Cleaning

Ducted air conditioning systems are efficient and economical, but they do need regular maintenance. Caring for your DAA system correctly will increase its lifespan, as well as make sure that you are keeping the house clean too. 

When you have your ducted air conditioning unit serviced by a professional every six months, you also ensure its efficiency. This will keep your system running smoothly and efficiently year-round without any issues or problems. 

Professional HVAC maintenance companies offer scheduled services to keep your ducted air conditioning system in top shape, including inspection and cleaning parts you can’t see, as well as looking for potential issues before they turn into costly problems.


It is easy to forget about your HVAC system when you are busy. But do not let that happen. System maintenance is critical in keeping the equipment running smoothly and efficiently so it will last longer.

Make sure your AC does not go out on you. Clean or replace your filter regularly to reduce the likelihood that mould will grow on its surface and encourage airborne allergens. A system tune-up with the help of HVAC technicians will also keep those systems running smoothly so that they do not need repairs or replacements for years to come.