acrylic dip powder


acrylic dip powder practice and recipe acrylic dip powder how to do?

acrylic dip powder

1. Tool and necessities:

disinfectant water, nail wash, softener, nutrient oil, alcohol, disinfectant dry adhesive, crystal nail liquid, pencil wash, nail liquid cup, clear crystal nail powder, paper tray, nail brush, push skin sand stick, finger skin pliers, nail clippers, orangewood stick, crystal pen, 100#/180# grinding file, wash polishing strip, tri-colour polishing strip, paper towel, cotton, anti-UV base shine oil. By to share more details.

2. acrylic dip powder:

with crystal nail liquid to create crystal nails. Colour: add white, add pink, natural colour, transparent colour, etc.

3. acrylic dip powder nail solution:

anti-yellow, anti-UV, anti-warping blue crystal nail solution.

4. Riceflower disinfectant water:

prevent and remove bacteria and fungus on the surface of nails and hands.

5. Wash pen water:

clean crystal pen, remove adhering adherents.

6. Finger skin softener:

soften the finger skin around the nail in order to remove the ageing finger skin.

7. Sterilization and drying adhesive:

non-acidic adhesive, anti-curling, no damage to the skin,

most suitable for customers with sensitive skin.

8. Nourishing oil:

rich in VA and VE, can make the skin moist and soft.

9. Shine oil:

special formula, anti-yellowing, anti-UV, can protect nails and fix and keep nails shiny. Nine 、Nail Liquid Cup: Sealed stopper with a spill-proof ceramic bottle can reduce the evaporation of nail liquid and gas drift.

10. Paper tray:

When crystal nail production, extend and correct nail shape, can fit various sizes and shapes of nails.

11. Nail brush:

A special brush made of plastic or hard bristles to remove finger chips and dust from the nail surface.

12. Push skin sand stick:

light stone stick can push or grind away the nail rear edge of ageing finger skin.

13. finger skin pliers:

trim ageing finger skin and flesh thorns, pay attention to cut and do not pull.

14. Orange wood stick:

make cotton swabs to clean up residual nail polish on the edge of the nail. 15, crystal pen: 100% mink hair handmade, anti-acetone pencil, to prevent corrosion.

15. grinding file:

100 #, 180 #, 150 # for nail repair polishing work.

16. Water wash polishing strip:

nail surface first polishing tool to remove the surface scratches after nail polishing.

17. three-colour polishing strip:

also known as the fine polishing dish, nail surface polishing, in accordance with the order of black, white, and grey polishing, so that the surface of the nail crystal shine.

18. operation steps.

  1. disinfection: disinfection of their own hands and customers.
  1. nail polish: use cotton balls dipped in nail wash to remove nail polish from the nail surface or use alcoholic cotton balls to clean the nail surface.
  1. Trim the front edge of the nail: use a 180# grinding file to trim the front edge of the nail into a square or square circle, nail 1 to 2 mm.
  1. Clean the finger core: Clean the finger core with a cotton swab of alcohol, taking care not to

touch the finger core.

  1. Apply finger skin softener: Apply finger skin softener on the trailing edge of the nail, taking care not to apply it to the nail to prevent softening of the nail.
  1. Push and cut finger skin: Push the finger skin backward with a sanding stick and trim with finger skin pliers to remove the ageing finger skin and flesh spurs.
  1. Carve and grind: Use a 100# grinding file to remove the oily layer on the nail surface and carve out small scratches for the adhesive to penetrate.
  1. Dusting: Use a nail brush to carefully brush away the finger chips and dust from the back edge and surface of the nail.

Disinfection and drying adhesive: Apply a layer of disinfection and drying adhesive on the nail surface, ten fingers, in turn, when the surface of the nail appears white cover, play a role in disinfection, dehydration, and oil removal. Also galglitter Wholesale’s nail polish powder is perfect for this scenario