Advice for Planning a Fun Family Camping Trip in 2023

You can give your family multiple opportunities to have a fun time. From many fun opportunities, camping can be one of the best experiences for your family. If you want to make camping fun for your family, you must take some advice that can assist you in organizing an enjoyable family camping trip. Before seeing some advice for planning a fun family camping trip in 2023, let’s look into what a family camping trip is.

What is a Family Camping Trip?

Family camping trips are trips that involve camping with kids and other family members. That camping can be in your backyard or far from your house in the forest.

Why are Family Camping Trips Essential These Days?

We all, including our kids, are surrounded by technology that includes the use of tablets, laptops, and phones. Such gadgets are a continuous distraction for all of us. Family time only exists in a few households, so you must strive to involve your kids in physical activities like camping.

Benefits of Family Camping

Family camping trips are very beneficial as they encourage kids to leave their iPads and other electronic gadgets and come out in nature. It is a good opportunity for all family members to interact with one another and the environment and do camping activities as a team.

Can a Family Camping Trip be Arranged on the Spot Without Preparation?

It is cumbersome to arrange a fun family camping trip without much planning. As there are kids involved, you need to plan accordingly with the supplies you’ll need, the food, camping gear, and some activities that will keep your kids engaged.

Tips for Planning a Family Camping Trip

Let’s see some suggestions for planning a fun family camping trip.

Prepare Your Camping Gear

Your fun family camping can become a disaster if your camping gear is insufficient or needs to be fixed. Ascertain you have enough camping gear to suffice for your whole family. Remember to keep the camping gear: sleeping bags, raincoats, a first aid kit, flashlights, hiking gear, tents, stoves, and batteries. Let the kids test the camping gear at home before setting it up on camping day to engage or excite them.

Pack Consciously

Your camping trip will be fun if you have all the needed items. As the family camping trip will involve kids, you need to pack well for the kids. Pack their snacks, clothes, and necessary footwear. You will find packing difficult, but this is the key to enjoying your camping trip.

Engage the kids in packing the stuff. Give them their bags and packing list. However, only pack items you will need, as extra stuff will only increase the weight on your shoulders during hikes.

Pre-Plan the Meals and Activities

Camping involves a lot of walking that can make you hungry. No matter how close you are going camping, keep snacks and prepare food. Hungry kids will only be cranky during the camping trip. Prepare meals by keeping chopped vegetables, eggs, bread, marshmallows, and ready-to-cook meals to have more fun. Light a fire, cook the meals, and enjoy with your family.

Moreover, plan some activities for your family too. You don’t want everyone getting bored during camping. Plan camping stories, and keep board games, puzzles, and a football to ensure everyone is engaged and having fun. Play games as a family so you all can have a good time camping.

Select the Camping Location

An essential aspect you need to consider before starting your family camping trip is deciding on the location. If you are going out with your friends, you might not have to think much about the location, but because you are going with your family, you need to be careful with the location.

Camping Grounds

With kids especially, camping grounds are an ideal location to camp. Camping grounds have facilities like showers and toilets that can make the camping experience for your kids comfortable. Many family campers go for hard-shell rooftop tents if they want to spend the night at the camping site on top of their car or truck. Such tents are secure and durable and will allow your kids to sleep comfortably during the night.

National Park

If you have young kids, camping in the woods might not be safe. However, choosing national parks as a camping location for your family is wise. Many National parks offer kids-friendly camping areas with activities.

Your Backyard

If it is your first time camping with your family and toddlers, using your backyard as a camping site is best. You can reserve your weekend camping in your backyard by setting up your tent. It is a wise approach as a beginner to prepare your novice family members for camping.


Planning is essential if you want your family to have fun camping. Don’t make the camping experience a burden upon your kids. Plan in a way everyone has fun and isn’t bored. Following the above advice, you can have a good time on a family camping trip.