Ancient Forest China Sinkhole Recent Discoveries of a Sinkhole:

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Are you a geologist in the United States or the United Kingdom who is interested in new geographical discoveries? The oceans cover 80% of the planet’s surface, even though it is over 4.543 billion year old. Although satellite video was taken of Bermuda by scientists, it was impossible to map large areas of dense forest.

Let’s take a look at the Ancient Forest China Sinkhole.


In China, there were around 30 Sinkholes in the past. There are two types. Sinkholes can form in densely populated areas when soil is disturbed by drilling, drilling, leakage in plumbing, groundwater pumping, and other activities. We will be focusing on the natural formation of Sinkholes caused by the dissolution of limestone, carbonate, salts, and other soil layers.

This causes a Sinkhole also known as Karst process. Natural groundwater circulation causes the rocks to dissolve. Similar to Ancient Forest China Sinkholes , natural sinkholes can be found in areas that are not surveyed and forests with high levels of limestone, carbonate and salts beds. These Sinkholes can be as large or small depending on the deposits of these rocks.

Sinkholes In China:

In the past, thirty Sinkholes were discovered. Sinkholes are well-known in South China’s Karst Terrian, Guangxi and Papua New Guinea. The Eastern portion of China is home to the major populated cities. There are few parts of the South that are populated.

Recent Discoveries of a Sinkhole:

Geologists, archeologists and zoologists are excited to announce the discovery of a new Ancient Forest China Sinkhole on Friday, May 6th 2022. This sinkhole is the largest in the world, measuring 629 feet deep and 492 feet wide and 1,000 feet long. The Sinkhole covers an area of more than 176,573,333 square feet.

Due to the presence of trees over 130 feet tall, and a large number of trees higher than one’s shoulders, it is likely that the Sinkhole is ancient. It is possible that the Sinkhole may contain ancient species due to the expected long life span of trees.

The Discovery Team for Ancient Forest China Sinkhole :

Chen Lixin led a Guangxi 702 cave exploration team. The team moved into Guangxi on Friday and descended 328ft. The team had to climb several hundred feet up the mountain for several hours before they found a Sinkhole. They were able to use visual positioning devices to measure GPS.


These giant trees, measuring over 40 meters in height, are being treated as ancient trees. This discovery may hold many secrets, as it is believed to contain many secrets. It was discovered that these areas were once used by human civilizations due to the deposits of water. In some cultures, they were also used for human sacrifice or storage.

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