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Android App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2022

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Needless to say, android development is a ladder to success for every brand. With capturing 85% of the market, the android app segment is making entrepreneurs go gaga over the ability to offer a significant boost to their businesses. The business owners leave no stone unturned in making smart business strategies while keeping up with the ongoing android app trends.

With so much hype about android development trends, we have curated some of the most fuelling ones. Keep on reading to know the top android app development trends to watch out for in 2022.

Android App Development Trends For 2022

Android Instant Apps: Instant Android apps might not be leading the prevalent trend chart but certainly have the potential to outshine shortly. The android developers are aided with the Android SDK build tools and App Links Assistant, enabling the coders to build mobile apps from scratch or transform the existing ones into Instant apps.

Instant apps will certainly lead the upcoming market trends in the mobile app development segment. Individuals can use the app without actually compromising on space on their smartphones. This technology has been meticulously designed to empower diverse sectors like eCommerce and gaming. Indeed, these Android instant apps have secured a place in top android app development trends.

Beacon Technology: Beacon devices are emerging as a boon to businesses to attract target audiences in a unique way, especially in real-time. A beacon is a transmitting gadget that works within a particular range when connected with a mobile device. Various Android app development companies are integrating this technology in apps to send notifications regarding special deals, offers, nearby hotels, etc., to the end users. Beacon is evolving to be the behemoth of transforming push-marketing strategy into an opt-in approach for multiple segments. Beacon is aiding entrepreneurs to gain traction and accelerate their growth as it can be applied in both on-cloud and at-area. All in all, the beacon is one of the lucrative Android development technologies that can already be seen at some airports and other areas soon.

Blockchain Technology: Blockchain has already made its mark by being one of the most enhanced solutions to offer a decentralized platform to users by eliminating any unauthorized access while instigating transparency. With an expected 62.73% of CAGR in 2026, this technology is predicted to make $52.5 billion. Blockchain Decentralized Apps (Dapps) are open-source and contract-based applications that induce blockchain transactions. The data of these apps cannot be changed or omitted. Several App developers companies are vouching for these apps as they are tamper-proof, enable quicker payment and provide reliable data records. Blockchain technology is a boon for the best android apps for business sectors as they can maintain strong security protocols. All that being said, blockchain technology is outshining the most, especially in the financial sphere.

Google Assistant/ Chatbot: With Google Assistant and other chatbots already revolutionizing the business sectors, it offers a primary advantage to the users by offering comparatively quicker accessibility to the app directly. Using the Google app actions, the users get access to an app’s deep link, allowing them to perform specific activities inside the application from the Google Assistant. Google app actions enable the users to access an app’s deep link, allowing them to perform specific activities within the app via Google Assistant. In 2020, Google released Google Assistant’s new feature called Scheduled Actions. This new feature facilitated communication with smart devices. Whether turning on/off a smart device or making a coffee, this virtual assistant will help you. Moreover, it can control over 20 home devices, including AC units, lights, coffee machines and many more.  

Wrapping Up

With the ever-changing market, we are in, newer innovations and ideas keep surfacing. All one needs is to channel and implement digital resources aptly. The Android development trends mentioned above are worth integrating into your business. Make sure you take professional help to either upgrade your existing app or build a new one from scratch. While there are several app agencies, AppStudio is one of the most sought-after ones. Their mobile app development services have been boon to several businesses. You can connect with them to witness an excellent digital product for your business.