Angelo Wiki Moriondo Why Was His Invention Important?

Do you long for an espresso hot beverage every morning? The Godfather of the espresso machine, Angelo Moriondo. Angelo Moriondo is trending online as Google Doodle celebrated the legend yesterday, on the 6th June, which was his birthday, which was 171 years old.

Additionally the search engine also honored the inventor of the original espresso machine with a beautiful drawing on the 6th of June. The doodle was an absolute delight for all coffee enthusiasts. The doodle was designed by Olivia When. It is possible to check on the Angelo Wiki Moriondo for more information.

Who is Angelo Moriondo?

Angelo Moriondo is the godfather and creator for the coffee machine. His popularity on the internet is growing particularly since search engines launched the doodle in honor of his birthday on 171st July. Angelo Moriondo was born on 6 June 1851 in Italy.

He was the earliest inventor for the machine espresso. He was part of a family of businessmen, who never stopped from inventing new ideas and concepts. The Italian inventor is credited with the invention of the espresso machine, which was invented in 1884. The machine was first showcased during the General Expo in 1884, and he was awarded an award of bronze.

Why is Angelo Moriondo 2022 Trending?

On the birthday of the 171st Godfather of the espresso machine, Angelo Moriondo, the search engine Google has published and created an original doodle on 6th of June on a Monday. The person who invented Espresso machine is from Italy and, to pay tribute to the creator, Google created a doodle.

The search engine honoured as the Godfather of espresso machines noting that “today, the coffee lovers drink in honor of the espresso machine godfather.” The moment the doodle began to circulate and coffee enthusiasts started searching in search of the godfather.

Many people have visited the wiki page to find out what they can about Angelo Moriondo’s 2022 Doodle. He was credited as the first inventor of the espresso machine, a coffee maker, and later patenting the machine under his own name. Check out the Wikipedia page for more details about the man who invented it.

Why Was His Invention Important?

Angelo Moriondo, when he invented the espresso machine the coffee industry was in its highest popularity all over the world. However, coffee drinkers were afflicted with extreme discomfort when they waited for an extended time to make their coffee.

To cut down on the time of brewing, Angelo Moriondo invented the first espresso machine. It was his first that invented an espresso machine according to the the Angelo Wikipedia Moriondo webpage. In the following years, his machine became popular across the globe, and everybody began making use of the machine to make coffee fast and efficiently. Since he’s the godfather of espresso machines, Google honored him on his birthday, which was 171 years ago, by releasing an image of him.


Coffee lovers did not know about the father of espresso machines until Google launched the Doodle on June 6 to commemorate the birthday of 171st Angelo Moriondo. He invented the espresso machine, and was the first person to patent the machine, as stated on the the Angelo Wiki Moriondo page. Angelo Moriondo was the creator of the first coffee machine and in celebration of his birthday on 171st June, Google announced the Doodle on June 6, 2022.