Anthony Ramos will play The Hood in ‘Ironheart’

The upcoming Disney Plus Marvel series “Ironheart” is set to premiere by the end of 2023. It is expected to find Dominique Thorne in the role of Riri Williams (Iron heart). Alden Ehrenreich, Harper Anthony, Manny Montana, and Shea Couleé are expected to be in the movie as well. However, their roles are yet undisclosed. Although at the D23 Expo 2022, it was officially confirmed that Anthony Ramos would play the part of the Marvel villain – “The Hood”.

The photos began circulating in August of 2022 and saw Ramos in the character’s signature red hood, leaving little room for doubt. The Hood is a relatively new Marvel character, having just made his debut in 2002. Despite his freshness, he has quickly become a significant force of evil in the Marvel universe—after gaining superpowers from a Nisanti demon.

Anthony Ramos as The Hood in Ironheart

The Hood is not typically an Ironheart enemy, but he appears to be an ally to the young engineer at first, telling her that anyone who has done something iconic. 

But from there, it becomes evident that Parker Robbins has anything but good intentions, as he flicks his Hood into place. 

Jim Rash, who played the M.I.T. liaison in Captain America: Civil War, will return to his university post in Ironheart.

 Here’s a brief about Marvel’s character- The Hood.

Who Is the Hood?

The Hood (Parker Robbins) had a rough childhood in New York. He was a supervillain, following his dad’s path and fostered a working relationship with Kingpin (one of the most feared, dangerous and powerful crime lords in the Marvel Universe). However, after witnessing the fight between Daredevil and Electro, Robbin is annoyed and loses interest in the supervillain lifestyle. After his father’s death, when he was left to care for his psychologically ill mother, he started switching to petty crimes to support the two of them.

During one of his robbery attempts, he was confronted by the Nisanti demon. However, Hood (Parker Robbins) didn’t know that demon then. He killed the demon and robbed his coat and boots. After a couple of days, while attempting to escape from another robbers’ gang, Hood realized that the shoes gave him the ability to fly. He realized that the coat he had robbed gave him superpowers, including flying, teleportation, and invisibility.

Encouraged by his superpowers, his criminal doings turned stronger & sterner. He, after a while, attempted to rob a cargo of diamonds. However, this attempt turned unexpectedly, and Robbins unintentionally killed a police officer. The police, who caught a glimpse of his coat, called him “The Hood” in his search. 

And things only grew darker when he masked Madam Rapier for the murder. The cops thought that Madam Rapier was The Hood and killed her.

As “The Hood” was assumed dead, Robbins cleverly continued to be involved in New York’s criminal underworld.

The Hood’s Crime Scenes

Hood, as his criminal journey, wanted to be the subsequent kingpin of the criminal underworld. He grew a team of supervillain supporters by bribing them. Together the group of criminals become quite powerful, and they even successfully robbed millions of dollars from the bank.

However, they are ultimately exposed and conquered by the New Avengers.  Hood’s criminal group remains active and later starts working for Norman Osborn’s Avengers.

Eventually, The Hood got involved to grab the attention of Dormammu, who raised his superpowers to kill Doctor Strange and replace him as the Sorcerer Supreme. However, The Hood didn’t succeed and eventually his superpower capability of Dormammu was eliminated from him. He was then left with only the power of his cloak once again. He became anxious after getting the power again and, at various times, came into ownership of Loki’s Norn Stones and several Infinity Gems. However, he was conquered every time.

He soon became a crime overlord and kept escaping custody for his crimes. This made him a mark for many heroes, including Hawkeye, who eventually, managed to strip The Hood of his coat. His recent scenarios have seen him struggling to blackmail and bribe various characters unsuccessfully.

It looks like the casting of “The Hood” will mark the introduction of yet another sorcerer into the MCU. This includes using a magical coat, similar to Doctor Strange, and the ability to emit energy blasts from his body. So far, Ramos’ casting as The Hood has flashed excitement from fans.