Apple Music Pie Chart  Chart for Apple Music

Are you a music lover? Do you want the best music? Apple Music is the best music. Apple Music allows you to download your favorite music and can be played offline even after installation. Users loved the playlist chart. People in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom are huge fans of apple music.

If you are interested in knowing How to make a music app, this Apple Music Pie Chart post will give all the information about apple music to you.

Chart for Apple Music

Apple music is extremely popular, as we all know. Apple Music now has a pie chart feature that allows one to see their song’s history in pie charts format. This feature is more than just displaying your history in a simple format. It also provides detailed information. This tool comes in the form a pie chart, and offers suggestions for your favourite music lists. It’s like your entire playlist information is displayed. Your history is displayed in a Pie chart format.

Apple New Text Features

Apple now offers new texting options. IOS lets its users delete any text that is sent to them by the other person. The settings can be set by the users. You can also mark unread text. It is possible to retrieve your previous message that was deleted, and you can easily recall all of your messages. The new tool play share allows you to share any message with this tool. You can also share music, movies, and songs as text messages.

Apple users around the world love this texting feature. These new text features are as well-known as the Apple Music Pie chart nowadays.

Why are people talking about Apple Music?

Apple music offers a streaming service that allows you to listen to 90 million songs in playlists. You can listen to music on your phone, Ipad, Apple watch, iPhone, Max and other devices. Apple music will now be available for Windows and all Android devices. This service is affordable. It all depends on which monthly plan you choose.

You can also take a trial before you commit to a monthly plan. This is why people are talking about Apple Music.


This post summarizes all information about apple music, and the new texting capabilities of Apple. We tried to provide accurate information about apple music for our readers. We are happy to answer any questions or clarify anything you may have about this post.