This article is about Haute Couture’s fashion show and the statement made by Anitta, top model: So Trabalho Com Alta Costura. Continue reading to find out more.

Are you familiar with Paris-style week events? Haute Couture is the best segment of a Fashion Show in Portugal. Haute Couture is a highly exclusive fashion event. The event is attended by only the most prestigious fashion designers.

Celebrities from countries such as Brazil took part in the event. People were eager to see the result of this elegant event, the finest designer dresses from top brands, and what the So Trabalho Comp Alta Costura spokesman for the prominent Brazilian celebrity said.

Anitta’s backstage story

Anitta, a top Brazilian model and singer, revealed that she was in preparation for a film about a glamorous world. Anitta stated, “Here, we only work with Haute Couture.” She also said that if she survived the hectic film shoot, she would need to sleep on the backstage benches.

She also has events in Rio Paris. She also has many events in Rio Paris.

Anitta provides more information about the Statement.

Anitta made the statement during film marathon preparations. While shooting, she was not getting enough leverage and had many problems. Many companies would like to know if she’s in a film shoot and how she can take part in Haute Couture events.

Haute Couture is an operation world in which imagination and fantasy thrive. The designers are not making any dresses, but creating a unique soul for artists. These clothes are a highlight of Paris Fashion Week.

Event Controversy

“Aqui EUSo Trabalho Com Alta Costura” (Here, I work only for Haute Couture )said Anitta. She assured the sponsor companies and designer that Haute Couture would remain her priority, and she would participate in any event she chose.

Many models are already getting ready to walk on the stage at the event, which will be held soon. This event is expected to be the biggest in 2022, according to Mr. Armani. They are looking for Anitta’s statement So Trabalho Com Alta Costura. You can also see that many of the most prestigious brands sponsor this event. This Haute Couture was born in France.


Anitta’s Europe trip is the focus of much gossip. She’s currently preparing for a movie and dealing with many comfort issues. Many companies and sponsors are concerned about her ability to make it through the event.

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