When your mind is occupied with something huge that’s happening in your life, you can lose control of your behaviour even without your knowledge. If something is good, you feel happy and share it with your loved ones, and will easily get on with your daily life. However, if something bad is happening in your life, you will not easily forget it and won’t even try to move on. That’s when you resort to addictive behaviour. 

Whether it’s excessive eating, sleeping, smoking, taking drugs, or any other uncontrollable behaviour – you won’t have control and will try to addict to the habit. At that time, you won’t accept help and will try to succumb to the addictive habits. 

Some people with addictive behaviour notice the symptoms and may try to get help in the form of therapy or rehab. However, not everyone can notice the symptoms and won’t even know that they need help to get out of addictive behaviour. 

So, here we tell the signs of such behaviour so that you can recognise those signs in you or your loved ones and get them out of the situation as soon as possible.

  • Continuing the habit even though there are negative consequences

When you’re addicted to something such as smoking, you keep doing it even though you clearly know that it will have a negative impact on your body. One part of the brain warns you not to take another cigarette out of the box, but another part of the brain compels you to do it. You seem to struggle with both sides of the brain and end up doing the bad thing. If it’s happening to you, then you are exhibiting the addictive behaviour. 

  • You keep the addictive habit secret from others

If you don’t know the tips to manage addiction, then you try to hide your habit from your loved ones. You go to any extent to keep it a secret among your close ones. Even if others find out about your habit, you’d get defensive and try to false the statements they are saying about you. You don’t want to reveal your addictive habit even though the opposite person knows about it.

  • You can’t stop yourself even though you want to

Often, persons with addictive behaviour know that what they are doing is wrong for their health and life. However, they still continue doing it simply because they don’t know how to stop. Your mind will tell you to stop and at the same time, you find yourself doing it again and again. You may feel utterly depressed and guilty for doing it but you can’t seem to stop yourself. You will feel stressed and in such distress, you do it to have some respite. It goes on until you decide to speak with an addictions counsellor and take help.

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  • You enjoy taking risks and resort to bad things like stealing

Persons with addictive behaviour don’t hold back to do bad or risky things. For instance, drug addicts often do abnormal things like stealing from their friends, causing violence to their family members, shouting or speaking profanities. You may not do these while you’re conscious, however, when you are high, your body will do things that you otherwise won’t.

  • Not participating in the social activities or in the things they love

Do you love to participate in social events? Do you like doing engaging activities like painting or singing? If yes, then see if you still love doing them. Because the persons with addictive behaviour won’t like to participate in the social activities or any other hobbies that they once loved doing. If that’s the case, read here the tips to manage social anxiety and how to actively participate again in social gatherings.

  • You give excuses when your loved ones are showing concern

When you are stressed, you may seek love from your close ones and have their support to overcome your problems. But this won’t be the case with addictive persons. When others are approaching you to discuss the problem, you won’t listen and make excuses to get out of there. You won’t feel like sitting and listening and accepting the help that you need. 

Final words

Getting out of an addictive habit is not easy. You have to reverse engineer your mind and take control of it so that your life isn’t spoiled. For this, you have to know the addictive behaviour symptoms and signs and take the first step to accept help. You can either approach therapy or a rehab centre to sort your problems. Whatever it is, you have to always rely on loved ones to slowly come out of the addictive behaviour so that you can live a happy life with them.

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