Assessing the Worth: Claiming Bike Insurance for Minor Damages

Bike accidents do not always occur due to the negligence of someone else or distracted driving. Sometimes, it might result from excessive road traffic and rough terrain.

Thus, having a bike insurance policy helps you avoid the burden of hidden expenses in case of vehicle theft or collision. But is it valid to use your bike insurance claim for minor damages? Welcome to this post that assesses the worth of using the bike insurance policy for negligible damages.

Here, you can discover the details on claiming bike insurance for minor scratches and dents. You can find out more about Kotak bike insurance and get the brochure. Visit the official website at the earliest.

What Do You Mean by Minor Damages in a Bike Accident?

If you meet an accident while riding your two-wheeler, the foundation step to prevent unforeseen damage is to assess the damage that occurred due to the collision. If it is a minor accident, small scratches or dents may appear on your two-wheeler. Minor dents in your bike might affect the appearance of the vehicle. 

Is It Worth Claim for Minor Damages in a Two-Wheeler Collision?

You may think using the bike insurance policy would be a good decision. As long as the minor ding does not result in severe damage, claiming for the insurance policy would be a sheer mistake. So, it is not recommended to claim for scratches and dents as they are negligible damages and may impact the NCB discount.

How Do You Get the Benefit If You Don’t Raise the Claim for Minor Dents and Scratches?

Not raising the claim for these damages will be a wise decision, as you can reap a few benefits that work in your favor:

Get Premiums at a Lower Rate

Raising a claim for negligible bike damage allows insurance companies to keep the premiums lower. Filing the claim for these scratches and dents increases the premium rate.

Benefits of Not Raising any Claim in the Policy Tenure

Did you know that you can get a discount from the insurance company if you do not file a single claim throughout the tenure of your policy? It is known as a claim bonus. Raising a claim eliminates your chance of getting a discount. 

Claiming for small damage to your bike leads to financial losses. For instance, suppose you have filed a claim for the scratch and dent occurring due to a small accident. What if the next month, you experience a major collision or your bike is stolen? In such circumstances, you would not be able to get the NCB and experience expensive financial damages.

Wrapping Everything Up

So, before you plan things, make sure to inspect your bike’s condition from a certified mechanic. If the mechanic does not suggest any hefty replacement or repair, it is better not to file the claim. Remember, investing in the best bike insurance policy helps you safeguard your vehicle in the long run. Get more detailed insight into the matter from the official website of Kotak at the soonest.