Avg Subscription Scam What should I do?

The article Avg Subscriber Scam provides useful information and suggestions for ways to avoid falling prey to the scam.

Do you have a tendency to be obsessed with protecting your home? Do you know that your mobile devices and desktops need to be protected? Many United States-based businesses have begun selling antivirus software to protect your mobile devices and desktops. AVG antivirus is one of these companies. In this article we will talk about the Avg Subscriber Scam.

AVG subscription

AVG, an anti-malware and antivirus software, can be installed on Windows, Android and iOS platforms. It helps identify and destroy viruses. Recently, however, scammers have been spreading the AVG subscription ruse. The scam is centered on the AVG protection plan for the entire family. This is also known to be called ultimate home protection.

This fake email is sent using the intuit email address. It states that “payment regarding the Home Protection Plan was successful”. The recipients are then asked to follow certain steps in order to access the plan. These steps are used by scammers to steal money from users.

Cancel Avg Subscription

People who fell for the AVG scam mail can contact their banks to cancel their subscription or hold onto their accounts.

How to cancel your subscription

  • Logging in to AVG accounts is a good idea.
  • Select the tile called subscriptions
  • Click the Unsubscribe button.
  • The reason why they wish to unsubscribe is requested by the user. A confirmation mail will then be sent.
  • Your AVG subscription status changes to “expiring” and users can continue using their paid products until it ends.

How can you prevent it?

Subscription Scam is possible to avoid. These scams can be identified in several ways.

  • AVG subscriptions never require customers to verify their identity by using bank payment details.
  • It does not ask customers to verify the product.
  • AVG does not send security updates to customers via uninvited email. Customers should update their security information through the AVG app and not by email.
  • They will not make unwelcome calls to users asking for help with their desktops.

It is a scam if you receive any emails or phone calls that match the above points.

What should I do?

You must contact your bank officers immediately if you are a victim of the Subscription Scam. They will stop any further payments from your bank account. It is encouraged that victims file complaints to their local police department or cyber cell. It helps police to identify scammers if they file complaints. AVG provides full support for their customers and can even file a complaint.


AVG, the most trusted brand worldwide, provides services to protect people from online malware and viruses. However, scammers sometimes use their names to trick people. The scam was explained in detail in the Avg Subscriber Scam article. The digital world is full of opportunities and malware, so people need to be cautious.

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