You can also view exclusive previews of the Back2work Scam, which circulated in the past months.

Did you get a message from Department of Workforce Development, Indiana, United States The USA government is currently offering a variety of packages that offer monetary benefits to citizens. Direct bank deposits were made in the accounts of residents in different states by the payroll tax credit, employee retention, etc. However, this does not mean that every message sent is genuine. Let’s now examine the Back2work Scam.

Back2work Scam:

Scammers posed as the Department of Workforce Development in Indiana and sent a scam text message last year. People were required to verify their bank details in the text message. The scammers have two goals this year. The first is to phish for payment information and the second is installing malware on users’ devices.

The recent smishing attempt informed mobile phone users from Indiana that ‘your back 2 work deposit of $2,800 is available; click on to receive the payment.’

A second message also stated that your $3,800 back2work disbursement could not be processed at your financial institution. This is a Back2work Scam. Kindly click on to verify your bank account details are correct.

Some Indiana residents received the second message via +1(360-820-1072. Scammers, just like last year’s, are trying to obtain payment information. But this year, scammers are using a new story to steal people.

Jennifer Adamany, spokeswoman for Better Business Bureau Servicing Central Indiana, stated that clicking on these links can install malware on users’ devices. Users were warned by the BBB not to click on unauthentic links in SMS.

BBB on Scam :

BBB also clarified that the Department of Workforce Development doesn’t send text messages or ask people to verify their payment information. If the DWD needed to do so they would ask people to verify their details via the state portal and not a link to a third party website.

BBB recommended steps to prevent smishing attempts. These included keeping anti-virus up-to-date, checking URL spellings that look-alike official websites, refusing to reply to such messages, blacklisting the number from which such SMS was sent, and watching for spelling and grammar errors. Back2work disbursement scammessages were sent from foreign countries. Do not click on any link in the message.

It is important to note that back2work lures innocent people with the promise of DWD money.


The message claiming that DWD offers money is false. DWD doesn’t send SMS messages to people asking them for payment verification information. DWD has confirmed that the back2work scheme is not real. the Back2work Disbursement Scam is true. DWD will not disburse any amount to accounts because no such scheme has been implemented.