Benefits of Car Key Replacement Insurance Cover

There is nothing more frustrating and stressful than losing your car keys. No one is ready to incur the costly implication of replacing or repairing the lost car keys. With the advancement in technology, most modern cars come with a remote key lock system or keyless Frequency Operated Button (FOB). With the FOB, the car’s engine is controlled electronically where a single button push can begin or end your car’s engine.  

As a result, Stylish and technically advanced car keys are the latest trends that have come with some implications. For instance, seeking locksmith (κλειδαράς) services top-class car keys is now more costly than ever before. However, to avoid the stress of replacing lost keys most car owners opt for insurance companies that provide cover for lost keys to protect the car lock. There are benefits Of Key protection add-on Cover to your car insurance:

Financial Compensation

Replacing a lost car key is expensive. The situation is even worst especially when dealing with high-end models. Car key insurance cover will help you make up for the monetary loss. Besides, using a substitute key in case the original is lost is not a permanent solution. When using the backup, put off replacing the original because in case your car is stolen, your insurer may reject your claim if the original keys are missing.

Pay a Minimal Amount Annually

Provided you pay a minimal amount annually, car key insurance cover can protect you against expensive replacement costs. Since losing a car might be spontaneous, the cover comes in handy if you misplace your original car keys accidentally. The cover can be bought along with the basic comprehensive car insurance and ensures the reimbursement of the key replacement costs if the car key is misplaced, lost, damaged, or stolen. The policy also covers the repair costs of the lock set in case it is damaged. 

Policy Covers Attempted Burglary

In the case of attempted car burglary, the policy comes into effect, especially where any damage to the lock and keys is evident. In such a case, any expenses incurred when replacing the lock and key will be compensated. In addition, the car lockset is likely to get damaged In case of an accident. In such a case, the car owner can claim the insurance asking for reimbursement of the cost incurred for repairing or replacing the lockset.

It Is Easy To Claim Car Insurance Protection

Once you notice that your car key is missing, there are a few points to note when filing a claim for car key replacement and repair. You must inform your insurance firm as soon as the loss of your car keys happens. Remember to mention how the key was lost. In case of theft, file a First Information Report (FIR) at the local police station. After that, have your car keys replaced then raise a claim with your insurance firm. Once this is done then you will be required to submit the necessary documents to your insurance provider for compensation.


Losing the car keys can be very costly to seek locksmith (κλειδαράς) services especially if you choose to handle the situation by yourself. But if you choose to buy a key replacement cover from the insurance company then you can save a considerable cost in the long run.