From toddlers to childhood, children need various types of riding equipment to help them develop movement and balance. Baby walker trikes help babies learn to walk; guided tricycles are helpful for parents in guiding kids to ride; toddler tricycles assist babies in learning to steer and pedal; balance bikes serve for children in developing the ability to keep balance. Different trikes with different functions bring different riding joy. 

What if all of those modes were combined into a single tricycle? Besrey, a German brand that specializes in providing baby products, releases a toddler trike with multiple riding modes. 

Through simple and quick disassembly and adjustment, four modes can be switched with a breeze. The baby walker tricycle, with the lowest seat, assists babies aged 1-2 to learn to walk and trains their coordination of body movements. The guided tricycle with an extra-long steering push hand is suitable for children aged 2-5. The push rod steering linkage is patented and makes the handle and wheels turn in the same direction, creating a quite smooth steering experience. It helps parents guide kids to steer and pedal in the early days of the baby’s learning of the tricycle. With 5 adjustable heights, it allows kids to push the trike by themselves and adults to guide kids. The toddler trike is like a guided bicycle but without a push hand, suitable for children aged 2-5 to practice steering and pedaling by themselves. The balance bike is a great transition bike from tricycles to bicycles. It is suitable for children aged 4-5 who have learned to ride a tricycle and are ready to learn to ride a bicycle. Besrey toddler tricycle meets the needs of children of different ages and riding levels simultaneously. It realizes easily that one purchase, multiple pleasures.

High quality and professional design greatly ensure the toddler tricycle’s security. The tricycle frame is made of aviation-grade material to keep good durability. A stable triangular structure is designed to protect the tricycle from tipping over. A 42° steering angle prevents the trike from rolling over when riding on outdoor grounds. Wheels with 6 bearings ride steadily on cobbled roads, grassland, blacktop, etc. A supportive soft seat in an adjustable height ranging from 11.8-15″ and a forward/backward adjustable handlebar with 180°, both provide a proper and cozy riding condition. Equipping with a foldable design and compact shape, the trike can be stored easily in the trunk or room without taking up too much space. It is the most practical, all-around, and particular one on the market, worthy to be called a child’s first car. Now you can get this 7-in-1 toddler tricycle from Besrey’s official website at favorable early bird prices!

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