Best Exterior Paints to Protect Your Home from the Heat

A home, like any individual, needs care and maintenance. In fact, a home exterior is constantly subject to different weather conditions. It faces the harsh sun and heavy rain. You take an umbrella or apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun when you go out during the summer. But what about your home? 

The layer of colour that acts as the skin of your house is directly exposed to UV rays during summer. It causes fading and damage if not taken care of. But it is not always possible to repaint frequently and bear such expenses. Berger Paints has the answer to this issue with their Weathercoat Anti Dustt Kool range of colours, which guarantees complete protection from the heat.

What Makes the Anti Dustt Kool Different?

The Berger Paint Anti Dustt Kool has been a popular paint choice due to its dust-repellent properties. The new and improved formula has a heat reflective nano tech which sets it apart from market competitors. It combats the two main enemies of bright, long-lasting wall paint; dust and sun. It provides excellent protection from dust and from extreme weather. As a result, it keeps the interiors of your house feeling cool during the summer. It also ensures that the colour you chose so thoughtfully to adorn the exteriors of your house remains new and intact for years. 

The Extra Benefits

The advantages of the Anti Dustt Kool extend beyond its advanced heat-reflective formulation. 

  • It protects against algae and fungus buildup. This helps maintain the overall hygiene around your house.
  • This paint offers a luxurious soft sheen finish, perfect for exteriors. It makes your house look beautiful without compromising on durability and protection. 
  • Colouring an entire house exterior is quite a task. And causes minor inconvenience to the residents. The Anti Dustt Kool formula quickly dries and enables quick colour work. 
  • It can be applied over a wide range of surfaces. This includes cement plaster, brickwork, asbestos, sand, fibreboards and concrete work. So, irrespective of what your home exterior is made of, you can easily avail of this paint. 

Colour Options Available

The exterior of a house is the first thing a person sees when they visit you. A well-maintained house is a sign of a person who cares for their belongings. And a beautifully painted house with striking combinations and tones is sure to create a lasting impression. Berger Paints Anti Dustt Kool strikes the perfect balance between colour choices and protection. Despite its advanced formula, there is no limitation in colour choices. 

You can go through the extensive colour catalogue and choose between their range of reds, yellows, blues, browns, purples, greens, and oranges. Each colour has multiple options: light, intermediate, and dark. There are also pre-suggested combinations curated by experts. Whether you prefer the rustic finish of 1D0543 REDWOOD VALLEY paired with 3P0087 LEMON LIME or the bluish neutral 8P0201 WEDDING GOWN paired with 4A2167 SAFARI GEAR, a dark olive green, there is a colour for every preference. 

What About the Roof and Terrace?

The Weathercoat Kool & Seal is a water-based waterproof formula for your terrace, roof, or parapets. It also has crack-bridging qualities and heat-reflecting particles that effectively reflect visible sunrays and UV radiation. Thus, it lowers heat accumulation and keeps surfaces cool. Paired with the Anti Dustt Kool, this will make your home’s colour fully heat resistant.


Using the right colour, like the Anti Dustt Kool range, can protect the exterior colours of a house from sun damage. It can also provide a cool interior atmosphere and protect the beauty of your home for years.