Best Ideas For A Newborn Baby Gift Basket This Fall

The arrival of a new child is always a time for celebration. Make the most of this special occasion with a meaningful gift basket. There are so many things parents will need for their baby it can feel overwhelming. You can make the transition to parenthood a little easier with thoughtful gift-giving.

How Do You Make A Gift Basket For A Baby?

It’s easy to make a gift basket that will be appreciated and used by following these simple steps:

  1. Choose a basket. This may seem obvious, but you should put some thought into your choice. Pick a basket that can be reused in the nursery for diapers or laundry. Alternatively, choose a classic picnic basket so the parents can have an outing when the baby is old enough.
  2. Understand the parents’ parenting goals. Environmentally conscious parents will appreciate an organic baby gift. Sports dads might like a team jersey. Do your research.
  3. After you have filled the basket you can wrap it in clear gift wrap if you want to make sure nothing falls out or simply tie a bow to the handle. 

What To Include In A Gift Basket

Before you fill the basket be sure to check any gift registries the parents may have. It’s always nice to have one or two items from the list. Don’t feel limited by the registry, however. Feel free to give gifts that you know, from your own experience, will be valued and appreciated.

Consider giving baby bundles sets of natural remedies for common infant ailments. All new parents appreciate anything that eases the pain of teething or improves their child’s digestion.

Other gifts that are always appreciated include handmade items. Baby quilts, crocheted blankets, and burp cloths made by the giver often become family heirlooms.

New parents are typically short on sleep. You can make their nights a little easier by giving gifts that help with bedtime, such as:

Don’t Forget the Parents

While newborn gift baskets are all about the baby, it’s nice to include a little something for the parents. Remember that they will likely be feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. It’s all too easy for new parents to dedicate so much time to their children that they forget to take care of themselves. One or two thoughtful items in the gift basket can remedy that.

Find out what the parents’ favorite treat or snack is and include it. An exotic chocolate bar or gourmet popcorn is a nice touch. If you can afford it, a gift certificate for a spa day will be much appreciated. Or you can just include some bath bombs and a nice lotion to let them create a spa day at home.

They are so many possibilities for your baby gift basket. Take the time to find the best products that are safe and healthy for a newborn. Wrap them up with love for a warm welcome to the world.