Best RuneScape 3 RuneScape Bits & Bytes (RSBANDB

A map is essential, regardless of whether you’re in- playing on your smartphone trying to plan your next goal. Many sites offer an in-depth look at RuneScape 3’s map. Some interactive maps allow you to click on an icon and be taken to the page. Most of these will give you the information you need to successfully complete your RuneScape quests and collect RuneScape Gold.

This article will cover some of the best maps you can use to get a better view of Gielinor. There are many locations to visit, including dungeons or small islands.

Let’s get straight to the list, shall?

Tip it (Rune Tips). Interactive Map

Rune Tips, or Tip It, is a RuneScape fan website that was founded by STEEL Corporation Inc. in 2001 and other passionate players. This site offers detailed guides, features and tools as well as information that will help RuneScape gamers. The Rune Tips team works hard to keep the site current with all RuneScape developments. They also ensure that the information is correct. They have created huge databases of RuneScape tips, tricks and advice.

The interactive RuneScape 3 map is extremely well designed and easy to use. To ensure that you don’t miss any quests or locations, the map marks them all. The map marks important hunting and rare tree areas if you want to get as much RuneScape Gold as possible.

The map is not customizable so you can’t filter or remove icons. This makes it difficult to find certain things in particular city areas. This interactive map is great for helping you navigate your way.

RuneScape Wiki Interactive map

RuneScape Wiki, the official RuneScape Encyclopedia, is edited and maintained daily by many players. RuneScape Wiki was created in 2005. It has grown to be the most extensive and comprehensive RuneScape 3 reference. This Wiki has everything you need, including RuneScape Gold guides and interactive maps.

RuneScape Wiki’s interactive Map is another great choice for interactive maps, if you need a more detailed map. Similar to Rune Tips’ interactive map click on an icon to go to the page. It will take you to the page where you can find all the information about that particular dungeon.

This interactive map is a bit buggy. You can’t click on particular areas, and you cannot zoom in or out. This makes it difficult to see icons and areas.

RuneScape Bits & Bytes (RSBANDB

Another excellent interactive map from RuneScape Bits and Bytes is the RuneScape Bits and Bytes map. You can filter the map by transport methods only. It does have a beautiful map that you can zoom in and out, but it lacks some important features.

The map does not have location names. Although you can click on a link to jump to a specific location, it is still confusing. To go to the respective pages, you can’t click on icons. You can’t hover over any icons to find out what they are. While experienced players may know what they are, newer players might find the map less useful.

Which Map Is Best?

These maps can all be used in a variety of ways. Rune Tips (Tip It), has probably the most interactive RuneScape 3 Map. It states that the site was last updated in 2013. Although I don’t know if this is a typo, it isn’t a bad sign. Since then, there have been many updates.

Therefore, I’ll have to choose the best option. RuneScape Wiki may be the best alternative. Although the interactive map is sometimes buggy, there’s a PNG version available if you prefer it.


These are the top maps that will aid you in your quest. These maps provide all the information you need, such as transportation options and gathering places. This will help you to earn RS gold. All of these maps are wonderful to use but I have to give the edge for Rune Tips’ interactive map because it is much easier to use.