One Robotic Vacuum and Mop

The majority of mopping robots are unable to do much more than wiggle around your house wiping down the mop with a small amount. This is not how the yeedi mop station pro robotic vacuum and mop works. With a 10N force, two mopping pads are held down to the floor. This will make it easier to clean floors and wipes in one pass.

The triple-layer mopping pad rotates at 180 degrees per minute, removing all stains. They can hold 30% more water and can clear any puddle. This allows them to cover a wider area. Still much cleaning to do! The yeedi mop pro has the highest self-cleaning power, with a 3000Pa vacuum force. The yeedi self cleaning station is a multi-functional device that can be used as a two-in-one tool.

How does the self-cleaning unit of yeedi effectively clean and renew used cleaning pads?

Many people may be curious about how dirt and stains are removed from the mopping pads. You don’t need either of these things! The yeedi robot mop can be referred to as a Self Cleaning Robot Vacuum Cleaner. The yeedi self cleaning unit cleans and quickly dries wiping pads after 10 minutes.

The mop station pro carries two water containers each containing 3.5 litres. The mop station pro carries two water containers, each containing 3.5 litres of water. One tank contains pure water and one with wastewater. This is how it cleans your home and itself!

The advantages of yeedi mop stations pro’s carpet monitoring

  • Did you hear about the yeedi-carpet revelation? Now you know. The yeedi carpet recognition protects your carpet from being mopped in the mopping phase. The best thing about it is how precise.
  • The vacuum mode can be used in conjunction with the mopping mode to clean carpets. The robot is proficient at carpet cleaning. The vacuum option can be used to increase the suction power.

What is the uniqueness of yeedi mop-station pro?

  • Customers look for something unique and superior when shopping for a product. This smart robot can be used with the yeedi application. It can be activated by voice using Google Alexa or Amazon Echo.
  • You can plan your cleaning, delineate areas you don’t want cleaners to enter, or perform spot mopping.
  • The WiFi(r) Connected Robot vacuum can be set up to clean one part of your house before you move on to the next. You can even design a cleansing process.
  • The yeedi robot mop pairs offers a 750ml trashbin, which is incredibly large in comparison to other robots in this industry.
  • yeedi also offers a swap repayment program. If the item is still under warranty, clients can get a new unit to replace the damaged one.