Are you familiar with Bimoli? What is the Bimoli brand associated with? What year was the date that Bimoli established? Do you know if Bimoli commemorating its 50th anniversary?

The questions are all hype over the web. Bimoli is an oil brand for cooking located within Indonesia. Recently an article on social media has created a buzz for the brand, which claims that Bimoli has celebrated its 50th anniversary.

They also added that the company has decided to reward its customers by offering a reward. Check out this article to the end Bimoli 50th anniversaryto find out the truth of this sensationalism!

What is Bimoli?

We have previously mentioned in our introduction, Bimoli is an Indonesian company that sells cookware products. In the context of this, it is a trademark that is used to describe the cooking oil product that is produced in the hands of PT Salim Ivomas (SIMP).

PT Group Indofood Sukses Makmur and Indo-Agri are the owners of this trademark. Indo-Agri is also known for its oversight of plantations in the undeveloped areas for oil palm , which aims to boost the production of crude oil.

The company was established in 1968 and has provided customers ever since through its quality products.

Bimoli 50th Anniversary:

Based on the information available from the available information, we can learn that the business was established in 1968, and it will have been in operation for four years as of 2022. However, in recent times the social media account for the company have posted an update that states that the business will be celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Comparing the same as of the time of its launch This post is just a speculation. The information is marketed on Bimoli’s foreign website that is owned by Bimoli.

The blog post also states that the present to celebrate this anniversary is limited to 5000 pieces of stock which customers can take these items for no cost. The post also mentions an online quiz for Bimoli 50th anniversarycelebrations that allows users an opportunity to make 2000000 Rupiah.

What Is the Reality Behind This Post?

We have to go deeper to discover the truth behind this rumor Based on our findings we are able to conclude that this is a fake news story and is not distributed by Bimoli, the official Bimoli company.

They have also urged their clients to beware of these posts, as they could lead to fake websites.

The truth behind this story was exposed through Bimoli’s official Instagram message, in which it stated that whole thing is a sham and Bimoli has no plans to create some kind of Bimoli 50th anniversarycelebrations.

Bimoli is an incredibly well-known name for cooking oil and has been serving its customers with top quality products since 1968.

Final Verdict:

Our experts have done an extensive review of the matter and verified the authenticity of the information that is being circulated on the internet regarding Bimoli’s 50th anniversary celebrations is false. Did you get all of the questions answered about Bimoli’s fake news on the internet? Did this post about Bimoli 50th anniversary assist you in finding the information you were searching for? Share your thoughts on this article in the comments section below.