Bizcrown .Com Bizcrown.Com Official Facts and Data:

Bizcrown.Com shared information about a website that claims to offer digital learning skills for people who are interested in working in this field.

Bizcrown is a website that trains individuals in digital marketing to make a decent living. The Digital revolution has taken India by surprise. Recent events like the demonetization of the deadly pandemic and the demonetization have only increased the speed of the digital industry.

The country is home to a large advertising industry. A digital platform allows small content creators to take part in economic activity. This industry requires certain skills, and Bizcrown.Com seems to offer these skills through his commission-based online e-learning platform.

Bizcrown Online Portal

Bizcrown was started by three people claiming to be in Digital Marketing or design. This website is owned by three partners: Digital Anuj Roy, Vikas Ray and Abhishek Pantdey. This website is an e-learning platform that will help professionals in the Digital industry to advance their careers.

  • It’s an e-learning site that provides digital training for skill seekers.
  • There are three types of courses on this site: pro-pack, mediators, and beginners.
  • This program allows you to earn some commission by helping others enroll.

Bizcrown.Com Official Facts and Data:

Customers who are looking for information on a website can use the legit facts to help them. Below are some legit facts about Bizcrown to aid the online audience.

  • Domain creation date – This domain was created on April 20, 2021. It’s older than one year.
  • Alexa ranking – Web portal Alexa has awarded this educational site an 856819 rank.
  • Trust index – This site’s trust index is 62.8 percent, which is a moderate rating for a legitimate website.
  • Trust score – The Bizcrown.Com average trust score is 60 percent, which is a great score for any legitimate site.
  • Contact address and owner details – The physical address and the owners address for this website are listed.

Courses on Bizcrown, and their performance:

This website has been online for over a year. It has received 1500 unique visitors daily. This website discusses a commission-based income system for e-learners.

  • Mobile ads on Facebook
  • Web development
  • Content creation
  • Digital Marketing Mastery
  • Filmora Video editing
  • Master Photoshop.
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social media marketing skills
  • Marketing to Influencers

Bizcrown.Com Reviews:

Although this website is active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, it does not have an active link to their portal. Although it does have some traffic, we cannot find any reviews.

They stated that they do not offer any job guarantees on their website. This site lacks customer reviews, so online users should be cautious when dealing with it.

Final verdict:

This e-learning platform has a moderate trust score and index. It also gets some traffic to its website. Bizcrown.Com warns skill-seekers to approach people who have completed their learning on the platform as there are no reviews.