Do you love books? Do you enjoy reading books online? This article will discuss a new book, its story and the reader feedback. We’ll also discuss the team at KA Merikan.

Reading is a passion for many people in countries such as Malaysia and the United States. They are constantly looking for new books online. Let’s now look at Break My Shell .

About Break My Shell by K.A. Merikan

Break My Shell is a book about the romance between the same gender. The story centers around Max and Dayton. He is a skilled employee in his field. He is punctual and reliable in his work. He is a great waiter, cleaner, and a great example of a receptionist. He was also awarded the Employee of the Month for his outstanding service.

There is a dark side to all of these positive qualities. Max, a man who was sentenced to prison for the murders of three men, finds a way to express his desire to Max. It’s not likely that he will ever leave the prison.

In the letter, Dayton described his fantasies. Max, however, is released from jail and comes to Dayton to ask for all the things he wrote earlier in his letter to Dayton. Max isn’t ready for Dayton to indulge him at the moment. You can read the entire story on the internet.

Break My Shell Ka Merikan Review

Amazon customers have given this book an excellent rating. The book received four stars out 5 stars, which indicates that customers are satisfied after reading “Break My Shell”. Goodreads has given this book 3.45 out 5.

These sites are full of praise for the book. It is a pleasure to read the stories of some writers. Ka Merikan is the name given to Agnes Merikan and Kat Merikan. They are not siblings. They are not sisters

Specific Information On Break My Shell – Free Online

  • Books Name:Break My Shell
  • Books Author:K. A. Merikan
  • Publisher:Publishing House is Acerbi & Villani Ltd.
  • Publication date:2016. December 5th
  • Language: English
  • File Size:2944KB
  • Total Pages153 pages
  • Screen Reader:Present


The above discussion has given us an overview of Break My Shell’s story. We learned from the reviews that although the story is unique, readers will enjoy the book.

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