Caffe Abbracci Owner About Nino Penetti

Learn about Nino Pernetti’s personal and professional life. He will be remembered for his remarkable legacy.

Are you familiar with Nino Pernetti? Did you know that Caffe Abbracci was a famous Caffe in the United States. Did you hear about the latest news from Abbracci Caffe’s proprietor? Abbracci Caffe is a well-known destination that attracts many celebrities. The Abbracci Caffe team loves to serve everyone and treat them as important customers.

Nino was professional and friendly. Let’s find out more about Caffe Absbracci Owner.

About Nino Penetti:

Nino died on the 31st of May 2022. His 76th birthday was celebrated in July 2021. At the Jackson Memorial Hospital, he had a tracheotomy. In December 2020, he was diagnosed with Crona. He was able to recover, but he was still suffering from post-Covid complications. Caffe Abbracci was owned by Nino, who is located in FL.

Covid was discharged from Jackson Memorial Hospital and spent several days in rehab. He lost nearly 50 pounds. His death brought a great deal of sadness to his loved ones, friends, and Coffee Abbracci Owner customers.

Caffe Abbracci was an open place. Many famous people used to stop by for take-out and dining. Nino and his staff treated every customer with perfection. Nino was a friend to many prominent personalities because of this.

Nino’s Career:

Nino was a hardworking boy who said his father encouraged his desire to learn. Nino was passionate about learning. Nino, a thirteen-year-old boy, used to work in a small Limone hospitality shop to pay for his high school education. Future Caffe Abbracci owner had to travel both directions for deliveries.

Nino was a child when he discovered a passion for hospitality. He enrolled in a school of hospitality. Nino worked for 15 years in top hotels throughout the Middle East, Latin America and Europe. Nino was able to communicate in the different languages of these countries and understand the customers’ behavior.

Nino, who has a wealth of hospitality experience, launched Caffe Baci in 1988 and Caffe Abbracci two years later, just a few blocks from Caffe Baci.

Caffe Abbracci Owner Personal life:

Nino was born in Campione, Italy after World War II. He had seven siblings. He was the son of Vittorio und Elda. When Nino was just three years old, his mother died from typhus. His stepmom Teresa raised him. Nino is survived his daughters Tatiana and Katerina, ex-wife Marlen, as well as siblings Lucia, Olivo and Diego.


Mayor Vince Lago Twitted that his stature was greater than life. Mayor Vince Lago announced his plans to rename three-hundred blocks of Aragon in Nino’s honor. Michael C. Gongora (the Miami Beach Commissioner) also admires Caffe Absbracci Owner for being a great man. Lynn Parks, a Coral Gables photographer said that Nino was creative, and made everyone feel valued. This was Nino’s legacy.