Can You Fix Broken Dentures at Home?

So, you’ve got a little problem with your dentures – they’re broken! Don’t fret; we’ve got your back. In this expert denture repair guide, we’ll chat about whether you can fix those broken dentures all by yourself.

What are Dentures?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of DIY denture repair, let’s get the basics straight. Dentures are those cool, removable teeth replacements that help people chew and smile when their natural teeth go missing for whatever reason.

Oops, They Broke!

Now, here’s the scoop: accidents happen. Your dentures might break when you least expect it. Maybe you dropped them or gave them a little too much chewing action. It’s okay – that’s happened to others like you. But the big question is, can you sort this out at home?

DIY Denture Repair – Is It a Thing?

Yep, you can give it a shot. DIY denture repair is a thing, but hold your horses; it’s not always a piece of cake.

Here are some steps you can follow:

  • Check the Damage: First, take a good look at your broken dentures. Are they just a bit chipped or snapped in half? The level of damage makes a big difference.
  • Get a Denture Repair Kit: You can find these kits at most pharmacies. They come with glue-like stuff to mend your dentures. Pretty handy, right?
  • Follow the Instructions: Read the instructions on the kit carefully, like you’re reading a storybook. Make sure you understand them. If not, seek help from professionals who offer denture repair near me.
  • Stick them Together: Now, it’s time to put those pieces back together. Apply the magic glue as instructed, and gently press the broken parts together. Hold them tight, like giving a teddy bear a big hug.
  • Let It Set: Leave your dentures alone for a while. Let them sit and bond like best friends at a sleepover.
  • Test Drive: After the glue has worked its magic, try your repaired dentures on. Chew softly and smile. If they feel comfy and fit snugly, congrats! You’ve got the job done.

When to Say No to DIY

But hang on, not all broken dentures are DIY-friendly. Here’s when you should wave the white flag and say, “I need a pro!”

Major Breaks: If your dentures are in more pieces than a jigsaw puzzle, it’s a no-go. Time to dial up a dentist.

Visible Damage: If you can still see gaps or cracks after DIY repair, don’t be shy – call a pro.

Wonky Fit: If your dentures feel wonky or cause discomfort after repair, let a pro work their magic.

Old Dentures: If your dentures have seen better days and they keep breaking, it might be time for a denture replacement.

Denture Repair Near Me – The Pro Way

If DIY approaches don’t suit you or if your dentures are giving you trouble, or are in need of repair, now might be the time to seek professional assistance from local denture repairers. A search online should reveal plenty of professionals near your location who offer denture repair solutions that may come in handy.