Can You Reduce Stress without Drugs or Alcohol?

Stress seems to be on the rise everywhere.  Global tensions are mounting, financial pressures are growing, crime is increasing and almost everyone is experiencing an increase in stress to one degree or another.

If you feel burned out or stressed, what can you do without resorting to alcohol or drugs?

Talk to Someone

Talking out a stressful situation with someone can help relieve the stress connected to the situation.

Some people choose to talk with close friends while others seek the services of a qualified psychologist.  If you are in Australia, consider contacting a qualified Melbourne psychologist.

Apps have been developed that allow you to connect with a therapist or psychologist online.  One of the sites claims to have over 60,000 5-star reviews.

Whether it’s a friend or a therapist, talking things out has been successful.

Improve Your Diet

Eating a healthy diet can help you combat stress.  Refined foods and carbs like cookies, potato chips, and fried foods can cause a spike in blood sugar.  After the spike, when your blood sugar crashes you are more prone to experiencing stress and anxiety.

Cut out the sugar and refined carbs, add healthier meals and snacks to your routine, and you will give your body the nutrients to better deal with stress.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is essential for dealing with and reducing stress.  Sleep and stress are closely intertwined.  Poor sleep can lead to stress, and stress can contribute to trouble sleeping and poor-quality sleep. 

If you are experiencing sleep-induced stress, you want to do everything you can to break the cycle and increase the quantity and quality of your sleep.

Take A Walk

Exercise is a fantastic stress reliever, that can work in a very short time.  It can be as simple as taking a break from your activities and walking around the office.  

If you are looking for something more substantial, regular moderate to heavy exercise is recommended.  Regular exercise has been proven to relieve stress, reduce depression and improve cognitive function.

Rigorous exercise may also help you sleep better afterwards.  Many people report that increasing their exercise or activity level helps to improve the quality of their sleep

Since a growing number of people spend much of their time engaged in sedentary activities, breaking that habit and improving your physical and mental health with some form of regular exercise make a difference.


The Australian government is well aware of the issue and has taken policy and public health interventions to reduce violence and traumatic events that play a major role in stress disorders and PTSD.

The government and related health authorities recognize that stress management can be achieved by psychological and relaxation methods, muscle relaxation, yoga and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Isolate The Cause of Your Stress

Do what you can to isolate the cause of stress.  If you recognize that watching the news, drinking too much coffee, or interacting with certain individuals causes you stress, change your routine to eliminate those activities or people that increase your stress level.

Stress is serious and you can deal with it without drugs or alcohol.