Carl Ruiz Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Income and Family

Carl Ruiz, a Cuban-American restaurant owner and chef who left an indelible impression on the world of gastronomy through his television appearances as a judge or guest in various cooking shows. We examine Carl’s career milestones, personal life events and what remains of him today.

Who was Carl Ruiz?

Carl Ruiz was born April 21 1975 and has become one of the nation’s acclaimed chefs due to his charismatic personality and culinary acumen. Ruiz’s professional culinary journey began after he graduated from New York’s Institute of Culinary Education. His career was a testament to his passion for cooking, and dedication towards culinary art.

What happened to Carl Ruiz

Carl Ruiz tragically died early on September 21, 2019. Carl Ruiz’s death on September 21, 2019 left a gaping hole in culinary world, as fans, colleagues, and fellow chefs all mourned his departure while remembering him fondly for his large personality and contributions to food service industry.

Carl Ruiz Salary and Net worth

Carl Ruiz’s estimated net worth was approximately $3 million at the time of his death. This is a testament to a successful television career and as a chef. Ruiz’s success was not limited to his restaurant ventures, but also from his appearances on cooking shows and YouTube channels. He also pursued various entertainment industry pursuits. Ruiz’s varied income sources demonstrated his versatility as a chef and personality. He captured audiences inside and outside the kitchen.

Carl Ruiz Height, weight, and more

Carl Ruiz was 5’9″ tall and exuded command on screen and off. Carl Ruiz was known for his attractive physique despite a busy lifestyle. His black hair and brown eye color added to his charismatic presence.

Social Media Profiles

Carl Ruiz is active on social media. He shared snippets from his culinary adventures, and his personal insights, with his 58.7k Instagram followers and his 30.5k Twitter followers. He had 4,69k subscribers to his YouTube channel ‘Omg Carl’s Food Show’, where he showcased his passion for food with engaging and informative content.

Carl Ruiz, Married and with Children

Carl Ruiz, behind the scenes was a man of family. Marie Riccio was his wife, and she came from Sicily in Italy. They had two children together. Carl chose to keep his private life a secret, but it was well known that they eventually divorced. After the divorce, Marie took on their joint venture Marie’s Italian Specialties, in New Jersey. She continued to build upon the culinary legacy that they had created together.

The conclusion of the article is:

Carl Ruiz is a man of passion, dedication and culinary arts. His influence on the television and food industries was profound, and those who knew and admired him will miss his presence. Ruiz shared his passion for food and life through his restaurants, TV appearances and online content. His impact on the food industry and television was significant.


  1. Carl Ruiz: Who was he?
    • Carl Ruiz, a popular Food Network personality, was a well-known Cuban-American restaurant owner and chef.
  2. Carl Ruiz: How did he become famous?
    • Ruiz became famous as a charismatic chef judge and for his successful restaurants.
  3. How much money was Carl Ruiz worth?
    • Carl Ruiz had a net worth of approximately $3 million at the time he died in 2019.
  4. Carl Ruiz had a YouTube Channel?
    • Carl Ruiz did have a YouTube channel called ‘Omg Carl’s Food Show’ that had engaging culinary content.
  5. Was Carl Ruiz married?
    • Marie Riccio and Carl Ruiz were married. They later divorced. Marie ran their restaurant together.